Letter to the editor: Thank you for postponing work

Sometimes we read an article and what we have read really does not sink in until later on; therefore, I am quoting so I have the correct information so you are able to form your own opinion. On Feb. 18 “the driver of a vehicle ignored flashing lights and a railroad stop arm at the Jackson Avenue crossing in an effort to pass over the tracks before an oncoming train could reach the intersection. The vehicle became stuck on the tracks and it was hit by two trains – one traveling northbound and one southbound – before occupants of the car escaped with minor injuries.”

What was the cause of this accident? Was it the thrill she would get from beating the train? Only by the grace of God were lives spared.

The result of her efforts to be victorious over the train has affected all of us in the city of Elk River. “More work would carry greater costs. While budgeting for 2014, the city planned $500,000 from street reserves to fund railroad improvements toward qualifying for quiet zone status.”

“But staff at the July 7 council meetings did not have funds identified from which the city might support an extra $850,000 in rail improvements.” Are you citizens willing to pay an extra $850,000 because a citizen decided to commit two illegal acts?

There are many of us that believe that those of you who object to the whistles and refuse to ignore them should come forth with the funds.

I thank councilman Stewart Wilson for postponing the work. In my opinion that was a very wise decision. $850,000 is a lot of money to spend to appease a minority. —Lola Driessen, Elk River