Ordinance No.

Ordinance 14-08
An Ordinance Amending Section, 30-796, Fences; Visibility at Intersections and Driveways of the City of Elk River, Minnesota, City Code
The City Council of the City of Elk River does hereby ordain as follows:
30-796 of the Elk River City Code shall be amended to add the following:
(d) (4) Pools
(f) All above ground pools that require a building permit shall have access controlled with a means to prevent access into the above ground pool when unoccupied. Failure to prevent access into an above ground pool when unoccupied is a misdemeanor.
(g) All pool related chemicals shall be stored inside the home or an accessory structure.
Effective Date
That this ordinance shall take effect upon adoption and be published as provided by law.
Passed and adopted by the City Council of the City of Elk River this 21st day of July, 2014.
John J. Dietz, Mayor
ATTEST: Tina Allard, City Clerk
Published in the
Star News
July 26, 2014

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