Kliever Lake

The Elk River City Council will conduct a public hearing on Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at Elk River City Hall, 13065 Orono Parkway, to consider a request to vacate certain drainage and utility easements across certain lots located in Kliever Lake Fields East and Kliever Lake Fields Third Addition, Case No. EV 14-01.
General description of the subject property is: located along 180th Lane and Grant Street, lying between Johnson Street and 180th Avenue. Legal description for the subject property is: Lot 23, Block 1, except that part described; Lot 21, Block 2, KLIEVER LAKE FIELDS EAST except part described; and Lot 5, Block 3, KLIEVER LAKE FIELDS THIRD ADDITION, except that part described, Sherburne County, Minnesota. A complete legal description is available at City Hall.
Hearing impaired persons planning to attend who need an interpreter or other persons with disabilities who require auxiliary aids should contact Tina Allard, City Clerk, at 763.635.000 by August 14, 2014.
If you would like information regarding the above-described public hearing notice, please call Elk River City Hall at 763.635.1000. All interested persons are invited to attend the public hearing to express their questions and/or comments.
Jeremy Barnhart
Deputy Director
Community Operations & Development
Published in the
Star News
July 26, August 2, 2014

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