Strong marathon debut for ex-Elk mat star Stevens, at Duluth

by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Tyler Stevens, former Elk River wrestling star and college distance runner, tried his first marathon last month and made an excellent debut at Grandma’s Marathon.

Stevens, 22, running in Duluth a few weeks after graduating from college there, finished in 2:47:21, which placed 99th among 1,345 in his age division and 124th among 3,494 men overall, in the 26.2-mile trek along the Lake Superior shore June 21.

“I had just graduated and was coming off my last college track season,” said Stevens, “so I thought there would be no better time to try a marathon.”

Tyler Stevens (left) ran along the Lake Superior shore route at Grandma's Marathon. (Photo by Ed Stevens)
Tyler Stevens (left) ran along the Lake Superior shore route at Grandma’s Marathon. (Photo by Ed Stevens)

All of the Star News area finishers are listed below.

Stevens initially set an ambitious goal of 2:50, which is 15 minutes under the Boston Marathon qualifying standard for his age group, and upgraded that to 2:45 because that was the goal of a college teammate he ran with.

“The pace was a little faster than I wanted,” said Stevens. “My first 22 miles went pretty well. I was averaging about 6:22 per mile. But the last four were 6:45 or more. I knew the last four miles were going to be rough.”

Tyler Stevens
Tyler Stevens

Ryan Eason of Coon Rapids, his running mate, was 30 seconds behind him.

Stevens was better known as a wrestler at ERHS. He won 167 matches, tied with Thomas McAlpine for the school record, and placed fifth in the state as a senior.

“I have missed wrestling,” acknowledged Stevens, adding that he will be home for a year and plans to assist Elk wrestling coach Paul Nelson this coming season.

Stevens had more moderate success as a runner at ERHS, but chose running as his college sport at University of Minnesota-Duluth.

In track at UMD, Stevens’ highlights were qualifying for indoor nationals with the distance medley relay team as a senior, along with posting the program’s eight-best race all-time in both the indoor 1000 meters (2:32) and outdoor 1500 meters (3:58). He was not among the leaders in cross country but made the conference and region roster (top seven) the last three years and was captain as a senior.

Before Grandma’s Marathon, his longest races were 10Ks (or 6.2 miles) in summer road races and college cross country regionals.

Tyler Stevens (far left) ran in the distance medley relay at Division II nationals in North Carolina for UM-Duluth. (Photo by Ed Stevens)
Tyler Stevens (far left) ran in the distance medley relay at Division II nationals in North Carolina for UM-Duluth. (Photo by Ed Stevens)

“Mostly I was running 1,000 and 1,500 meters,” said Stevens.

Having beaten the Boston standard by more than 17 minutes, Stevens said he’s looking at the nation’s most prestigious marathon, next April, as likely his next race, along with several UMD teammates.

A biochemistry major, Stevens graduated in four years and plans to start applying to pharmacy schools this fall.



Crawford leads area women

Tanya Crawford, 41, of Elk River led Star News area women with a time of 3:31:11, good for 26th among 314 in her division and 246th among 2,715 women overall.



Tyler Stevens, 22, 2:47:21
Chad Kreuser, 34, 3:31:58
Paul Nemes, 52, 3:58:42
Brock Carlson, 39, 4:13:36
Kurt Boyes, 52, 4:29:01
Larry McNichols, 69, 4:32:46
Kent Graves, 44, 4:35:58
David Roseland, 36, 4:41:33
Dave Nettleton Jr., 30, 4:41:54
Michael Brinza, 49, 4:51:42
Andrew Olson, 20, 4:58:50
Tim Miller, 29, 5:14:21
Eric Plude, 22, 5:44:49

Tanya Crawford, 41, 3:31:11
Laura Klein, 42, 3:46:30
Stephanie Lazarz, 39, 3:52:44
Maggie Baron, 46, 4:04:27
Anna Rontti, 28, 4:08:45
Barb Woodroffe, 43, 4:34:41
Jennifer Johnson, 34, 4:50:36
Nicole Rasmussen, 39, 4:58:50
Erin Curtis, 30, 5:26:49
Amanda Burk, 22, 5:44:49
Stephanie Sarazine, 23, 6:40:29

Nicholas Owens, 35, 3:14:25
Dustin Fansler, 32, 3:49:56
Greg Sachs, 45, 4:10:05
Jason Otten, 40, 4:22:02
Michael Habermann, 37, 4:39:24
Matthew Stephens, 33, 5:08:03

Sarah Soltys Larson, 36, 3:32:28
Mindy Fadell, 36, 4:23:13
Dian Mullis, 37, 4:30:41
Nathan Randall, 27, 4:16:36
Jesse Orth, 33, 4:19:33
Jeff Daley, 47, 4:38:36
Michael McLachlan, 26, 4:55:29
Erik Sola, 48, 5:10:18

Nicholas Peterson, 24, 2:41:32
Tim Fanning, 35, 3:42:40

Renae Sigerud, 36, 3:36:07
Lynette Catapano, 51, 3:42:54
Amy Miller-Strand, 37, 4:07:18
Heather Johnson, 23, 4:13:41
Kristin Rose, 33, 5:52:57

Michael Bolton, 48, 3:43:16
Jason Sendzik, 41, 4:39:22
Lane Schoening, 43, 5:11:05

Lynn Olson, 39, 3:50:43
Danielle Skrove, 24. 4:02:51
Bonnie Behl, 42, 4:57:01
Bonnie Conroy, 42, 5:26:23