Police report for July 12, 2014 edition: Speeding, DWIs, theft, assault, killing time, ‘füll moon,’ and Jehovah Witness

by Jim Boyle


Speeding was an problem in Elk River on the Fourth of July.

A 50-year-old Elk River man was cited July 4 after he was clocked going 93 mph about 7:43 p.m. along Highway 169 near Ranch Road.

The driver of the red car stated he just bought the Mustang and was out messing around. He also told the officer the speedometer did not work.

The driver stated he knew his record was poor and obviously liked to drive fast. The driver admitted he had no excuse but “at least he wasn’t doing anything too stupid.” The driver was cited for 85 in a 65 mph zone and released.

•A 28-year-old man from Brooklyn Center was cited for speeding on July 4 after he was clocked at 86 mph in a 65 mph zone in the area of the 21500 block of Highway 169.

The driver stated when he looked down at his speedometer and saw how fast he was going, he was surprised himself.

•An 18-year-old Zimmerman man was cited for speeding after he was clocked going 81 mph in a 65 mph zone. He was stopped on Highway 169 at 221st Avenue.

The driver said that he realized he was speeding and began to slow down when he saw the squad car.

•A 42-year-old Zimmerman woman was cited for speeding at 2:30 p.m. July 4 after her red Chevy Cobalt was clocked at 82 mph in a 65 mph zone. The driver stated she was not paying attention to her speed.

•A 55-year-old Apple Valley woman was cited for speeding on July 4 after she was clocked at 83 mph in a 65 mph zone on Highway 169 just south of 221st Avenue. The driver said that she was busy talking to the front seat passenger and was not paying attention to her speed.

•A 53-year-old Plymouth man was cited for speeding after he was clocked going 93 mph in a 65 mph zone.

•A 53-year-old man from Plymouth was cited on the morning of July 4 for speeding after he reportedly became frustrated with a motorist going too slow at 70 mph in a 65 mph zone.

He went around the motorist and was clocked doing 93 mph and was stopped at 221st Avenue.

•A 27-year-old Bloomington man was cited for speeding on the morning of July 4 after he was clocked at 81 mph in a 65 mph zone on Highway 169 near 221st Avenue. The driver said that he was not paying attention.

•A 19-year-old Shelly, Minnesota, woman was cited for speeding on the morning of July 4 after she was clocked going 87 mph in a 65 mph zone on Highway 169 near 197th  Avenue. The driver stated she was speeding because she was trying to get back to work.

•A 33-year-old Elk River man was cited for speeding at about 1:10 a.m. July 4 after being clocked at 83 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 169 near Main Street.

Speeding drunken driver nabbed

A 56-year-old St. Paul man was arrested shortly before midnight on July 7 for DWI after speeding past an Elk River officer who was on stationary patrol under the overpass on Highway 169 at Ranch Road.

The officer clocked the motorist at 84 mph just north of the overpass  and made the stop at southbound Highway 169 just north of 197th Avenue.

The driver indicated he had been speeding stating that his car was really smooth and he was not paying attention to his speed. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was booked at Sherbrune County Jail for fourth-degree DWI.

Pallets stolen over holiday weekend

A 23-year-old St. Paul man reported the theft of 60 wooden pallets on July 7 from Fantom Wire in the 15700 block of Jarvis Street.

The complainant reported that sometime between 4 p.m. July 3 and 7 a.m. July 7 someone stole the pallets, valued at $228, that had been sitting outside on the east side of the business.

A metal padlock and chain valued at $60 were also missing from a gated area on the south side of the business.

Repeat offender arrested for assault

An 18-year-old Elk River man was arrested for assault after an alleged incident on July 6 in the 700 block of Main Street.

He allegedly was pulling the hair of a female party and had her in a “choke” hold.

Police respondier to a call of a fight in progress behind Daddy O’s. They located the individuals in the lower parking lot along the river.

Witnesses advised that they had seen the male party put the female in a choke hold from behind while outside a car and had seen him pulling her hair once inside the car.

Police observed a small scratch on the front of her neck. The male had been arrested once before on April 14 for assault on the victim. The male was arrested for gross misdemeanor domestic assault. A domestic violence lethality report was completed.

Jehovah Witness calls in broken widow

A 20-year-old Elk River man called police July 5 after noticing a house  with a broken window in the block of 10000 block of 176th Lane.

The Jehovah Witness man was going door to door for the religious group but noticed the broken window on the residence. The family living at the home was out of town, but police were able to notify them.

On arrival, a side window was broken and front door unlocked. Police checked the residence and discovered the master bedroom was ransacked and items appear to be missing.

The rest of the house didn’t appear to have been gone through.

An Elk River detective processed the scene. Upon talking with the homeowners, it was discovered that low-cost jewelry and a Bose speaker were taken.

Neighbors disgusted with full moon

A 25-year-old Elk River man was cited for disorderly conduct after he allegedly got upset with his neighbors on July 5 in the 18000 Polk Circle.

The man allegedly was swearing at them, giving them the middle finger and mooning them. He reportedly left his pants down and scurried to his garage.

The complainants expressed disgust and offense for to the suspect’s behaviors. The suspect was seen by officers entering his residence but he refused to answer the door. A citation was mailed.

Elk River man, 51,   arrested for assault

Police arrested a 51-year-old Elk River man for assault and terroristic threats on July 4 following an alleged incident at his home in the 600 block of Proctor Avenue.

While dealing with an unrelated matter in the 19200 block of Meadowvale Road, an officer was approached by the man’s wife, a 45-year-old Elk River woman.  She told officers that she and her husband had gotten into an argument and that he eventually displayed a handgun.

The gun was first pointed in the woman’s general direction, then the man pointed the gun at himself. The woman eventually got control of the gun and left the residence before locating the officer.

Officers took custody of the gun and went to the residence, where they located the man and arrested him. The man had gotten another loaded handgun and was carrying it when officers arrested him.

Champlin man who left party gets DWI

An 18-year-old Champlin man was arrested for DWI on July 4 after officers working a CRASH detail got word of a drunken driver leaving a house party.

The caller reported they told the driver not to drive and believed he was en route to Champlin. A Big Lake Reserve officer located the vehicle and observed the vehicle cross the fog line twice while eastbound on Highway 10 coming into Elk River.

The vehicle was stopped at Waco Street and Highway 10. An investigation led to the driver being arrested for fourth-degree DWI.

Man arrested after threatening with gun

A 22-year-old Zimmerman man was arrested July 4 for assault following an alleged incident in the 1200 block of School Street.

Police responded to a call of a man threatening his brother with a gun. Officers were able to make contact with the suspect and place him under arrest after making a dynamic entry into the apartment.

It was later determined that the gun was removed from the apartment prior to officers arriving. Police later located the handgun in a vehicle in the parking lot.

Home burglarized; food, liquor tagen

A 63-year-old New Hope man reported July 2 a home in the  18000 block of Cleveland Street had been burglarized.

The east door to the residence was forced open and food and liquor were missing.

Canoe goes missing from Elk River home

A 40-year-old Elk River man reported July 2 that his 16-foot green, plastic canoe was stolen from alongside his residence in the 800 block of Irving Avenue. The canoe is a 1982 Michi-Craft.

Boy killing time near RR tracks warned 

An Elk River officer spoke to a 14-year-old Buffalo boy on July 2 who had been walking between a set of railroad tracks and picking up railroad spikes. The boy was warned for trespassing and theft. He put the spikes back on the ground when he left. He told the officer he was killing time before piano lessons.

Boys who fled from police captured

Officers charged a 15-year-old Elk River boy with fleeing police and a curfew violation, a 16-year-old Zimmerman boy with a curfew violation, and an 18-year-old River man for fleeing on foot and minor consumption after the group fled from police about 2:40 a.m. July 2.

While on patrol in a marked squad due to several recent thefts from vehicles and vehicle thefts, an officer observed three males walking out of a yard away from a vehicle near in the area of 192nd Avenue and Baldwin Street. The officer observed the males start to approach a second vehicle in a separate driveway and at that time activated the squad lights and all three parties took off running to the north.

The officer caught one of the individuals 30 yards into the woods and the other two continued. Officers and Sherburne County K-9 tracked the other two to a swamp just north of where the incident occurred.