May 6 Redevelopment

The Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Sherburne County met in regular session on May 6, 2014, at the Sherburne County Government Center in the City of Elk River, Minnesota, with all Commissioners present. Call to order was at 9:49 a.m.
Dan Weber, Assessor/Economic Development Specialist, was present to request Housing and Redevelopment Authority to act on Economic Development Project in the City of Becker.
Petersen/Anderson unanimous to accept the transfer of lands condition upon the terms of the sale the County Board set forth.
Anderson/Schmiesing unanimous to approve the redevelopment and project plans.
Petersen/Anderson unanimous to request the Planning Commission for City of Becker review and comment on the Redevelopment Plan and project Plan and forward any comments to its city council and the County HRA.
Petersen/Leonard unanimous to request the City Council for Becker to hold a public hearing on the Redevelopment Plan, the Project Plan and the ability of the HRA to act within city limits for the same. Kathleen Heaney, County Attorney, extended appreciation to City of Becker and Kelli Neu for their help with this project.
Petersen/Leonard unanimous to request the City of Becker to provide its comments to the County HRA after the public hearing.
Leonard/Petersen unanimous to direct the County Administrators Office to publish notice of Public Hearing for the HRA for sale of lots 7 & 8, Block 3, Evergreen Park.
Steve Taylor,
County Administrator
Published in the
Star News
June 21, 2014

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