Letter to the editor: Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever

Once gone — never to return.

Is this the fate of our beautiful, historic, unique, beneficial, irreplaceable Pinewood Golf Course?

In response to “the closing,” a younger fellow from Elk River replied: “When I was a kid, my mom would drop me off at Pinewood, and I would play golf all day for $10. It kept me out of trouble, and I made a lot of friends — even played golf for Elk River Senior high.” An older gal also responded, “I guess we seniors are ‘the forgotten elite!’ We loved playing a round of nine holes, and the golf was great for our older age figures and stamina.”

The city has done a wonderful job in the mast maintaining the lovely golf course. It’s difficult to understand why it was closed for the summer when revenue could have been coming in and enthusiastic players (kids and adults) could have been golfing on it.

Pinewood belongs to kids, to the seniors and to the whole community.

We enjoy it and are proud of it. City Council, it’s time for some answers. — Lorie and Gary Leland, Elk River