Letter to the editor: We need council members to be people of their word

Several people have asked when I’m going to write about Pinewood Golf Course. When I heard a group of people rallying to re-open it, I thought there was not a need for my opinion. I just read they were losing money and one person I spoke to asked why they don’t raise the fees. What does the grocery owner do when he discovers he is losing money? He either goes out of business or raises his prices.

Recently a local minister asked me what I thought of the situation. I haven’t researched the it, but I have a little different perspective as I am not a golfer. Anytime you buy real estate you are gambling. You are trusting it will go up in price, but there is no written guarantee. In the past few years there have been many homes that were sold below the original price. These homeowners still had to make their mortgage payments. If the city signed a legal agreement to pay a certain amount, are they not obligated to pay it? Jim Mulroy posed a good question: “What is the annual expense of each of the other parks?” I have said before, let us think a little more before taking action.

We have it, the city requires they maintain it, the golfers love it and I do believe it has value.

We need to be honest, upright people of our word. I do not see how we can back out of a situation we agreed upon. It seems to me that of late we have been sending out the wrong messages to the young people. May they think before they act and learn from our mistakes.—Lola Driessen, Elk River