Pinewood’s demise sad to contemplate

What a sad event to contemplate that Pinewood golf course will close. As a longtime resident of Elk River whose family roots go back to the late 1800s, I have seen many changes in my hometown over the years. Through some of these changes, we have lost historic sites that made our town uniquely attractive. I don’t think closing Pinewood is a good decision for the future of the town I love.

As was mentioned in the prior articles printed in the Star News and the Star Tribune, the city of Elk River’s decision to close Pinewood came as a shock to many of us who read that news. We were not aware or informed this was being considered.

Pinewood has been a beautiful, well-maintained course, inviting to families, seniors and youth. In one letter reprinted in the Star News, Pinewood was described as a “jewel.” I would concur. I have enjoyed golfing there for several years with members of my family. We always met friends we knew as we were going around the course or in the club house. My granddaughter was introduced to the game and had lessons there too.

I do hope the city of Elk River government leaders will reconsider their decision and will find a way we can all benefit by keeping our wonderful Pinewood open! — Dawn Moyer, Elk River