It’s a mistake to shut down Pinewood

The City Council and the mayor are making a mistake by closing Pinewood Golf Course. They are also reneging on a contract made by the Elk River City Council.

City officials say the value of the land has decreased from the time the purchase was made. They say the city is losing $82,000 per year on Pinewood. I wonder what is the annual expense of each of the other city parks. I am wondering if the land is being evaluated as just acreage or as a finished golf course. Also, I am wondering if they know how many seniors and teenagers and even pre-teens used the course.

I believe the Pinewood Golf Course is a tremendous asset to Elk River. It improves the quality of life in Elk River, especially for seniors and the youth.

What will happen to the youth golf program if Pinewood is gone?  The decision made now is forever. Once it is gone, there will never be another golf course in Elk River so perfect for the young and old.  I encourage the City Council and Elk River Mayor John Dietz to rethink this issue and to not wind up on the wrong side of history.

Once Pinewood becomes history, it will be just that, history. — Jim Mulroy, Elk River