Opinion: Pinewood’s closure riling up public

Saddened by golf course closure

I am so sad to think that Pinewood will close. This is an area that is used by so many of our residents. It is not only the seniors and the youth that use this wonderful golf course, but everyone that wants to enjoy a quick game of golf.

I loved seeing young adults pulling their golf clubs on the way to Pinewood. What a great use of their time. When golf lessons were going on, it was great to see so many of our children (including my grandchildren), using this course.

Elk River has invested money to buy and do upkeep on this “golf park,” and I think it was money well invested. Don’t we want a community that thrives on providing outdoor space for our residents to get outside for some exercise and enjoyment?

We have wonderful cross-country ski trails and walking paths – and that is great. I don’t cross-country ski, but I appreciate that we have a place for those that do. It provides a place for our youth to train. I feel the same way about Pinewood. It encourages our children to try the sport, to improve their game and to get some exercise. It gives seniors a great place to golf. Elk River has great baseball fields, and not everyone plays ball.

I am embarrassed that Elk River can back out of a contract when they decided they didn’t want to pay the balloon payment. What does that say about our community? How about being up front on what is really the reason that some individuals want to close this “jewel” golf course. If they close this course, it will have been a colossal mistake and a mistake that will affect our residents. — Peg and Lee Davies, Elk River


Pinewood attracted them to Elk River

One of the first things that attracted me to Elk River was the beautiful little par 3 golf course called Pinewood. The fairways and large greens were so well taken care of and the schedule of events, instruction and opportunities for leagues for all ages was impressive. I have golfed many golf courses in my life and continue to do so.

In the past few years since I moved to Elk River, I have been bragging to my fellow golfers about Pinewood and its small, efficient staff. Now I am a bit concerned why the city has decided to close the course at the very start of the golf season.

As I understand it, the city entered a legal contract to purchase the course from Paul Krause. It seems to me a legal contract requires both sides to fulfill their promises and not suddenly decide not to do so. Pinewood was purchased by the city for the benefit of its citizens. It is not a money-making proposition. Fees, rentals, etc. are substantial but may not be enough to break even at the end of the season and should be looked at in the same way as the other city benefits such as parks, arenas, ball fields and the like.

I hope the city government will take another look at the situation in this light and reconsider this giving up a wonderful gift to the people of Elk River. — Al Reesnes, Elk River