Letter to the editor: Memorial program, Scout made her day

I wanted to commend the people of Elk River for continuing to keep up the tradition of the Memorial Day Services.

I was fortunate to attend on Monday and witnessed an unsung hero. It was a beautiful, albeit, warm day, full of wonderful sunshine. A young Boy Scout was sitting in attendance up on the stage while the rest of the troop was standing in the shade on the grounds. You could see he was quite warm by the bright redness of his cheeks. Despite this, he was true to his scout training and remained vigilant.

At one point during a speech he jumped up from his chair to catch the American flag that was tipping over from the wind. If he was not vigilant and cat-like with his reflexes, the flag would have touched the ground.

He was the highlight of my day and I thought he deserved some small amount of recognition, although he surely did not seek it. — Lisa (Palmer) Welton, Maple Grove