Voters faced with referendum should be asking for year-round school

Once again this fall the voters of Elk River will be faced with another school bond referendum.

It would be unheard of in the business world to ask the board of directors for capital that would add space to an existing building that was only being utilized 75 percent of the year. That is what the bond referendum would be asking the tax payers of Elk River to approve. Several states have solved the school overcapacity problem by utilizing the facilities 100 percent of the time with year-round school.

The year-round school breaks the students into four tracks with one track always “tracked off” and the school never closes. This allows parents to plan well ahead for when their children would be tracked off and the kids get a mini-vacation during all four seasons. It’s a simple approach to school crowding without the massive cost of adding to or constructing new classrooms.

One more bonus, the teachers have year around employment and increased income. — Terry Choate, Elk River