Opinion: Likes newspaper in front of her so she can highlight what’s important

I know this is the age of the Internet and we can find much information on it. Unfortunately not everyone is able to have it, and for some of us it is a pain to figure out. Personally I like to have a newspaper in front of me so that I can highlight things that are important to me and cut out and post meetings, birthdays, funerals and other events that I need, or think I need, to attend.

The next important event is Memorial Day. When I was living in Chaska, the children all gathered at the public school and were handed a 7-by-10 flag to carry for the parade through town. It was a big event with Honor Guard, policemen, firemen, VFW, Legion and the auxiliaries and many more organizations with the children and their flags at the very end.

Now I humbly request that the editor goes back to the days of “yore” when Memorial Day was front page news and listed the time that the Honor Guard would be visiting the various cemeteries. It would also be nice to publish the order of the program and the speaker. I realize that this is an annual event, but our community is expanding and they (newcomers), as well as the “old timers” depend on the Star News for this information.

I am proud of our country and those who have given their lives so we may continue to be free! May God bless you and our country. — Lola Dreissen, Elk River