Letter to the editor: Thank you for Scouting support

Thank you Elk River for supporting the Boy Scouts and for turning out for the 11th Annual Leadership Breakfast April 24, 2014.  Kathleen Heaney, Sherburne County Attorney was our speaker. She recounted her experiences as a Scout mother and then told us of the values of Scouting: self discipline, leadership and community involvement. She made the point that if we analyze cost effectiveness, the price of sending one of our kids to Lino Lakes for “correctional reasons” is $236 a night for the destructive ones, $186 a night for the non-destructive ones. The cost, per year, for the Scouting program is $288.27. The Scouting Program leaves a young man with a moral structure to adhere to, a constructive environment in which to learn and lead, and an indelible mark on their heart and mind. It creates our legacy.

We thank you for your support and look forward to being part of the Elk River community as a dynamic, constructive service organization focusing on building youth to be our next generation of community leaders. — Jim Acers, Elk River (Editor’s note: Acers is a Scouting volunteer)