April 8 Workshop

The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners met in a Workshop Session on April 8, 2014 at the Sherburne County Government Center in the City of Elk River with all Commissioners present. Call to order by the Chair was at 9:37 a.m.
Leonard/Schmiesing unanimous to approve the Workshop Agenda for April 8, 2014 as presented.
Joel Brott, Sheriff, was present to discuss proposed jail kitchen updates. A PowerPoint with the kitchen needs, quotes, and funding information was given. State Statute requires a sealed bid process. Sheriff Brott will request approval at an upcoming regular County Board Meeting.
John Menter, Public Works Director, was present to discuss replacement of vehicles and equipment. He reviewed that in 2009 a fleet replacement budget was introduced. Due to the recession, funds were cut back and they refurbished some of the older equipment to extend its use. A list of proposed purchases in order of priority was given noting funds are budgeted for these replacement purchases. A spreadsheet with Public Works vehicles/equipment, mileage, condition, etc. will be given to the Board. John will request approval of these replacement purchases at an upcoming regular County Board Meeting.
Steve Taylor, County Administrator, provided initial 2015 budget information. A history of the levy since 2010, information concerning the increase in permits, decrease in foreclosures, fund balances, and some of the challenges and opportunities were discussed. Discussion was held regarding possible building expansion. The Board discussed the need to review the pressures for Sherburne County to build, keeping future bonding as low as possible, and to look at the benefits of moving forward. A Building Committee would be formed to do this research. Steve Taylor thanked Diane Arnold, Dan Weber, Chrissy Kent and Heather LeMieux for their help in putting together the information for this meeting.
Steve Taylor,
County Administrator
Published in the
Star News
April 19, 2014

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