Police report: Elk River woman reports tax filing fraud second year in a row

• An 18-year-old woman also reports tax fraud, but she knows the suspect

A 63-year-old Elk River woman who lives in the 1900 block of Vale Avenue reported April 3 that someone filed taxes using her name and social security number. She reported this happened last year as well.

An 18-year-old Elk River woman living in the 600 block of Jefferson Lane reported March 30 that when she tried to file her taxes she was told by the IRS that she has already been claimed by someone as a dependent.

The woman found out that the suspect is her mother’s ex-roomate. She stated the IRS wouldn’t help her. The suspect’s whereabouts are unknown.

Dominos delivered counterfeit bills  

A 24-year-old Coon Rapids man who is employed at Dominos, 18000 Carson Court, reported on the night of April 6 the pizza delivery business took in two counterfeit $20 bills from a female customer earlier in the evening.

The woman was described as white with blonde hair in her late 20s to early 30s.  She also had two piercings below her lip. The order was placed by another female who had walked into the business. The reporting party said he believes they have video coverage and will provide a copy as soon as possible.

Elk River man calls on drug injection 

A 36-year-old Elk River man in the 1000 block of Main Streetreported at about 6 p.m. April 6 he had injected either heroin or methamphetamine, which caused him to hallucinate, specifically that people were on his roof and others were watching him from the roadway. He also said he did not want to live anymore and requested to go to Mercy Hospital on a voluntary hold to speak to a doctor about treatment and his irrational thoughts.

Elk River man, 76, reports ‘fishy’ burglary  

A 76-year-old Elk River man reported April 7 the burglary of his detached garage in the 500 block of Eighth Street. A number of fishing related items were taken.

Menards rebate cashed by thief  

A 34-year-old Zimmerman man reported on April 3 that mail was stolen from his residence last month.

A theft report was made with Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office. The complainant said that one of the items stolen was a rebate check from Menards and that it was used the check at the Elk River store on March 30.

Police spoke with manager and learned that the incident was captured on store cameras.

Gun-waver cited for disorderly conduct

A 29-year-old Elk River man called police April 5 after witnessing a white male in a black leather jacket yelling in the middle of the street in the 600 block of Jefferson Lane while waving a black handgun in the air.

Officers located the male suspect. He admitted to waving the black gun in the air. It was determined to be a .177-caliber (4.5 mm) Gamo PT-85 Blowback Tactical handgun. The suspect, a 31-year-old Elk River man, was cited for disorderly conduct.

Cornerstone reports recalled tires stolen

A 50-year-old Zimmerman reported on April 4 that six tires were stolen from Cornerstone Auto Resource, 17000 Highway 10. The theft occurred the previous night. The tires had “recall 16076109/1” written on them in white or yellow chalk. Police have suspect information.

Red light runner arrested for DWI  

A 41-year-old Elk River woman was cited April 5 for going through a red light at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Highway 10 at the railroad crossing. The driver admitted going through the light, but stated she was confused as to why it was necessary to have two sets lights at this location (before and after the railroad tracks).

Drunken driver’s lack of lights illuminates offense   

A 44-year-old Dayton man was arrested April 6 for DWI after a traffic violation and for not having taillights illuminated at the intersection of 193rd Avenue and Highway 169.

Suspicious activity was pot smoking  

A 20-year-old Zimmerman man and a 20-year-old Elk River man were man cited for controlled substance crimes on April 3 after police responded to a report of two suspicious vehicles in the 20700 block of Watson Street.

A confidential caller advised that both vehicles have been there before and the occupants are engaged in drug activity.

Police located the suspects and cited them for possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

Criminal damage to property spotted  

A 79-year-old Elk River woman reported April 3 that while placing mail in neighbor’s residence on the 13000 block of 185th Lane she discovered the patio door broken out.

Police checked interior of the home but nothing appeared to be disturbed.

A witness next door stated she heard a loud crash at 4:30 a.m. but couldn’t locate the source of the noise at that time.