Police report: Man alleges tax return filed fraudulently under his name

by Jim Boyle


A 44-year-old Elk River man who lives in the 13000 block of 196th Avenue reported March 19 that he was told by the Internal Revenue Service that someone had used his Social Security number to file a tax return.

The complainant stated he had filed a tax return a week and a half ago and was advised that the file was declined because a tax return had already been filed under his name and Social Security number. The complainant told police the federal agency would not give him any information about when or where it had been filed.

Threats on Instagram draw warning

The Salk Middle School administration asked police on March 24 to speak with two juvenile females regarding making third-party threats in writing and on Instagram to harm each other. The situation was mediated and both students were warned about the consequences of this behavior. Both agreed to discontinue this behavior and were provided school consequences.

Citation issued for railroad crossing violation

A 40-year-old Elk River woman was cited at about 7:55 a.m. March 24 for failing to obey railroad crossing arms at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Highway 10.

An officer parked in a squad in the northbound lane of Jackson Avenue just south of Highway 10 witnessed the crossing lights and signals had been activated due to an approaching train. A white minivan crossed the tracks against the signal, and the stop arms nearly struck the vehicle. The driver stated that she was paying attention to the vehicles in front of her.

Cambridge police chief helps net arrest

A 55-year-old Elk River man was arrested for DWI March 22 when an off-duty police chief for Cambridge came upon a car that had crashed into a snow bank and street sign at the intersection of Fillmore Street and 175th Avenue.

Elk River Police arrived and took over the incident. The investigation led to the driver being arrested for second-degree DWI. The driver was booked into jail and his vehicle was taken for forfeiture.

Caller helps police nab drunk driver 

A 51-year-old Elk River  man was arrested for DWI March 22 after a motorist reported a minivan crossing fog and center lines in the area of highways 169 and 10 in Elk River. The driver and owner of the minivan was arrested for second-degree DWI. The plates were impounded and the vehicle was seized.

Woman asked to smoke meth at hotel

A 19-year-old Zimmerman woman reported March 22 being approached by a man in the parking lot of the Elk River Walmart and asked if she wanted “to get a hotel room and smoke meth.”

The complainant, who recognized the male that frequents the gas station she works at, declined the offer and walked away. When the complainant returned to her vehicle, the suspect had left a note with his phone number on her windshield.

Police called the suspect, a 46-year-old Coon Rapids man, who admitted to speaking with the complainant but denied her accusations. The man was told not to have any further contact with the complainant. No further action at this time.

Minivan mom arrested for DWI

An officer observed a driver fail to obey semaphore at about 1:25 a.m. March 22 at the intersection of eastbound Highway 10 and 171st Avenue.

During contact with the 36-year-old Elk River woman, the officer observed signs of extreme intoxication. The woman became disorderly with officers and force was used. The woman’s son who was in vehicle at time of stop was placed into emergency foster care.

Alleged heroin use sends one to hospital 

A 19-year-old Elk River woman was transported about 4 a.m. March 21 to a local hospital for a possible heroin overdose in the 18000  block of Olson Street.

Police were given permission to search the bathroom area of the home and a trace amount of heroin was located on a spoon, along with a used needle. Information was forwarded to the Sherburne County Drug Task Force.

Boy, 15, cited for e-cig, paraphernalia 

A 15-year-old Elk River boy was cited for possession of e-cig and possession of paraphernalia after Elk River High School staff located two males at about noon on March 20 in a school restroom stall with the items.

Four apartment doors vandalized

A 67-year-old Elk River woman reported March 21 that four locking door handles on the first floor of an apartment in the 1100 block of Lions Park Drive were damaged sometime overnight. Total damage was approximately $720.  Video footage shows two male suspects enter and leave building.

Harassing phone call jars Elk River woman

A 56-year-old Elk River  woman called police March 19 after she received a harassing phone call from an unknown female.

She said she took the call the night before at her residence in the 19000 block of Dodge Street. After answering, the woman on the other end said: “I don’t know who the hell you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.”

The complainant stated she asked this person who she was, but the person hung up.

The complainant has caller I.D. and found that the phone number was a cellphone number out of Tennessee. Police  advised her of the *57 option and to document and record the calls if she should get any more calls from this person.

Police called the phone number and received an automated voice message and left a message to call back.