2/24 Regular

ELK RIVER, MN 2/24/2014
The mtg was called to order by Chair Bunting, 7 p.m., ER City Hall.
Members Present: Jane Bunting, Sue Farber, Dan Hunt, Jolene Jorgensen, Shane Steinbrecher, Holly Thompson, Tony Walter, Supt Mark Bezek; Others Present: Amy Mace, School Dist Attorney; Londa Chambers, Admin Asst
Hunt moved to add the RHS issue to the agenda for Board discussion. Failed due to lack of a second.
Bunting moved/Farber seconded the motion to allow the School Dists attorney to speak during Open Forum. Approved.
Farber moved/Walter seconded the motion to approve the agenda as amended. Approved.
The following individuals spoke at Open Forum:
BJ Brent, district teacher and coach, stated the recent student issue at Rogers High has been difficult, talked about positives of the school and hopes we can all move forward.
Mark Eidem, parent of Rogers High School students, expressed support of the student and of the teacher as well and believes that the discipline the student received was inappropriate.
Susan Romane, Assistant Principal of Rogers High School, spoke on behalf of the administrative team at Rogers High School, commenting on their commitment to the parents, students and community they serve.
Larry Simpson, parent and resident of Rogers, stated he believes the punishment received by a student is excessive.
Bill Hjertstetdt, EREA President, spoke in support of the teacher, making it clear that the teacher has done nothing wrong, that she is an innocent victim.
Tony Bolduc, parent, stated that Rogers is a great community and the way the administration has handled the recent student discipline issue is hurting the community.
Shanna Eicher, parent of a senior at Rogers High School, stated that the punishment of the student does not fit the crime and that the district should allow the student back.
Amy Mace, the districts attorney, explained that the School Board and administration cannot discuss or distribute information about private educational data regarding a student unless the parent signs a release of information.
Ms Melissa Jordan, Coordinator of Integration, presented the 2015 AIM (Achievement Integration Minnesota) budget and goals.
The School Board reviewed as second readings, the following: Revised Policy #4001 Investments and new Policy #4024 OPEB Trust Investments.
Steinbrecher moved/Walter seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the 2/10/14 Reg Mtg; and 2/18/14 Special Mtg;
approve the resignations, leaves of absence, cert staff appts, athletic/activity appts, and classified staff appts as follows:
Employee Resignations Kraus, Jenessa, ZM/HS, Winter Dance Team Advisor, Resignation; Lauderbaugh, Cayla, SM, AVID Tutor, Resignation; Nadeau, Gwen, RM, Social Studies Teacher, Retirement; Nordeen, Allison, ERHS/RM, AVID Tutor, Resignation; Stang, Suzanne, M, Gr 2 Teacher, Retirement.
Employee Leave Requests Amling, Carson, ERHS, Custodian, Medical Ext; Durand, Mark, ERHS, Teacher, Adoption Ext; Koenig, Todd, ZM/HS, Teacher, Long Term; Langer, Tamela, DO, Clerical, Medical; Randall, Katie, ERHS, Teacher, Maternity/Child Care; Thompson, Lisa, ZE, Teacher, Child Care Ext.
Certified Staff Appts Anderson, Carrie, ZE, Elem Teacher, 1.0 FTE, 3.0 Days; Bradley, Jennifer, H, ESL Teacher, 1.0 FTE, 62.5 Days; Enninga, Melissa, ERHS, Science Teacher, 1.0 FTE, 5.0 Days; Gleiter, Judy, ZE, Elem Teacher, .20 FTE, 81.0 Days.
Activities/Athletic Appts Kolar, Jake, RHS, Asst Wrestling Coach, .50 FTE; Klocker, Sarah, HFC, Building Tech Mentor/Resource, 1.0 FTE.
Classified Staff Appts Beaudry, Donna, HFC, General Asst, 2.8 hr/day, Student days; Bentley, Sandra, H, Instruct Asst, 2 hr/wk, Student days; Berg, Kristine, RM, Cook Helper, 3.5 hr/day, Student days; Breuer-Ternus, Gayna, H, Instruct Asst, 2 hr/wk, Instruct Asst, .5 hr/day, Student days; Dalzell, Janelle, H, Instruct Asst, 2hr/wk, Student days; Fougner, Emily, ZM/HS, SpEd Asst, 6.75 hr/day, Student days; Lauderbaugh, Cayla, SM, AVID Tutor, 1 hr/day, 2 days/wk; Molnar, Kathryn, H, Instruct Asst, 2 hr/wk, Student days; Nelson, Patricia, P, Instruct Asst, 6.5 hr/day, Student days; Nordeen, Allison, ZE, Instruct Asst, 5 hr/day, Student days; Rossmeisl, Tiffany, ERHS, Secretary, 4 hr/day, 217 days; Vassar, DEtte, H, Instruct Asst, 2 hr/wk, Student days; Welch, Hannah, SM, AVID Tutor, 1 hr/day, 2 days/wk.
authorize the following to apply for a Dist P-Card: Nina Phanthanivong, HR Secretary; and Ryan Johnson, Salk Asst Principal.
Farber moved/Walter seconded the motion to adjourn the mtg at 7:58 p.m. Approved.
Minutes prepared by
Londa Chambers
Published in the
Star News
March 15, 2014

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