2/10 Regular

ELK RIVER, MN 2/10/2014
The mtg was called to order by Vice Chair Thompson, 7 p.m., ER City Hall.
Members Present: Sue Farber, Dan Hunt, Jolene Jorgensen, Shane Steinbrecher, Holly Thompson, Tony Walter; Members Absent: Jane Bunting, Supt Mark Bezek; Others Present: Jana Hennen-Burr, Asst Supt of Educational Services; Heather Sroka, Recording Secretary
Steinbrecher moved/Walter seconded the motion to approve the agenda as presented. Approved.
Farber moved/Walter seconded the motion to approve the 2014 ISD 728 Dist Legislative Platform. Approved.
Joe Stangler, Dir of Research & Assessment, and Mike Helman, members of Attendance Zone Policy Committee, presented their final recommendations.
Farber moved/Walter seconded the motion to approve the 2013-14 Fund 1 Budget Revisions.
The School Board reviewed the revised Policy #4001 Investments and Policy #4024 OPEB Trust Investments.
Farber moved/Hunt seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the 1/27/14 Reg Mtg; 2/3/14 Special Mtg; and the 2/3/14 Wk Session as presented;
approve the resignations, leaves of absence, cert staff appts, athletic/activity appts, and classified staff appts as follows:
Employee Resignations Brander, Tammi, ERHS, Prep Cook, Resignation; Christian, Mary, CE, Building Supervisor, Resignation; Harding, Jessica, RH, Kitchen Helper, Resignation; Koenig, Todd, ZM/HS, Tech Mentor, Resignation; Meseck, Sara, SM, AVID Tutor, Resignation; Ostmoe, Eric, ERHS, Asst Baseball Coach, Resignation.
Employee Leave Requests Aubart, Amanda, ZE, Teacher, Child Care Ext; Carlson, Elizabeth, H, Teacher, Maternity/Child Care; Durand, Mark, ERHS, Teacher, Adoption Ext; Kratzke, Emily, CE, Specialist, Child Care Ext; Munger, Kathleen, H, Cook, Medical Ext; Olson, ZoeAnn, O, Teacher, Medical Ext; Wood, Lorie, L, Clerical, Medical-pt.
Certified Staff Appts Anderson, Carrie, ZE, Elem Teacher, 1 FTE, 48.5 Days; Enninga, Melissa, ERHS, Science Teacher, 1 FTE, 14 Days; Kelleher, Lauren, SM, English Teacher, .3 FTE, 95 Days.
Activities/Athletic Appts
ERHS Gallus, Thomas, Cadets Artistic Dir, .75 FTE, Spring Marching Band Dir, 1.0 FTE; Svendsen, Brett, Asst Wrestling Coach, .50 FTE; Sagan, Karl, Building Tech Mentor, .33 FTE; Eskro, Scott, Building Tech Mentor, .33 FTE; Braun, Sarah, Building Tech Mentor, .33 FTE.
ZM/HS Riley, Christopher, Head Baseball Coach, 1.0 FTE; Bloom, Monte, Asst Softball Coach, 1.0 FTE.
Classified Staff Appts Bies, Lisa, TL, Instruct Asst, .5 hr/day, Student Days; Certa, Eva, W, Instruct Asst, .25 hr/day, Student Days; Graves, Tia, HFC, SpEd Asst I, 3.25 hr/day, 2 days/wk; Meseck, Sara, ZM/HS, SpEd Asst I, 6.75 hr/day, Student Days; Murschel, Amy, RHS, Night Custodian, 4 hr/day, 260 Days; Musgjerd, Leanne, W, 1st Cook, 5 hr/day, Student Days; Risting, Michelle, ISCS, Parent Liaison, 62.5 hr/yr; Rose, Kelly, M, Kitchen Helper, 2.5 hr/day, Student Days; Theisen, Jane, O, Gen Asst, 2.5 hr/day, Student Days; Van Horn, Lyle, H, Night Custodian, 4 hr/day, 9.5 mo.
approve requests to allow students from ZHS to travel to Duluth on 2/21/14-2/23/14; to allow students from RHS to travel to Orlando, FL, on 3/31/15-4/6/15; to allow students from RHS to travel to Germany, Austria & Switzerland on 6/10/14-6/18/14; and to allow students from RHS to travel to France on 6/9/15-6/17/15;
approve the revised Policy 2016 Role of the School Board Chair;
approve the Jan Check Register;
set a School Board Wk Session for 2/19/14 at Zimmerman Elem.
Hunt moved/Steinbrecher seconded the motion to adjourn the mtg at 8:35 p.m. Approved.
Minutes prepared by Heather Sroka
Published in the
Star News
March 15, 2014

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