Police report: vandalism spree that takes out car windows, burglary, red lights and heroin

by Jim Boyle


Elk River Police took several damage to property complaints on the weekend of Feb. 22-23 after residents across a section of the city awoke to find vehicle windows broken.

Police continue investigate the matters, but have not made any arrests, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

A 34-year-old Elk River woman reported her daughter’s vehicle that had been parked in the street overnight in the 11000 block of 187th Avenue had two windows busted.

A 59-year-old Elk River man reported his windows on his vehicle were smashed out overnight in the 10000 block of 181st Lane.

A 48-year-old Elk River woman reported that an unknown person damaged the front windshield of her vehicle parked on the street in front of her residence in the 11000 block of 196th Lane. The front windshield had two spots that had been broken from an unknown object.

There was a set of shoe prints that led to the vehicle from the east.

A 49-year-old Elk River man in the 800 block of Line Avenue called to report that three windows had been broken on his vehicle at the listed location. The complainant found the vehicle locked and nothing removed, but no footprints were visible near the vehicle.

A 37-year-old Elk River man reported that someone broke out the front right window on his vehicle sometime overnight while it was parked in the driveway at his residence in the 110000 block of 192nd Court. Nothing was taken.

A 47-year-old Elk River woman reported that two of her vehicles that were parked in the driveway of her home in the 19000 block of Auburn Street had the rear windows broken out. Police did not locate any footprints or evidence on what had caused the damage to the window. There was a third vehicle that was parked in the driveway that was not damaged.

Slippery suggestion doesn’t foil officer

A 24-year-old St. Micheal man was cited Feb. 28 for going through a red light at the intersection of Highway 169 and Main Street.

The driver stated that he saw the officer’s squad car sitting on the corner of the intersection but did not stop for the red light because he thought he might slide through the intersection. The officer who issued the man a citation checked the roadway for ice but found none in the southbound lane of Highway 169 north of Main Street.

Threatening remarks addressed by police

A 36-year-old Elk River man in the 10000 block of 205th Avenue reported Feb. 26 that he received a phone call from the his ex-girlfriend’s brother telling him to leave his sister alone and if he didn’t that he would come up to Elk River and “take care of it.”

The complainant said the caller referenced knowing people that would “take care” of him.

Police made contact with the mentioned party who stated that he had called the man, who got him agitated, causing him to make some bad statements.

He told police that he has no intention of having any other contact with the complainant or coming to Elk River. He stated that he was only concerned that the complainant is stalking his sister and he has gone to the Brooklyn Park Police Department to get information for her regarding restraining orders.

Police advised him to have no other contact with the complainant and that if he has a concern to address it with his sister.

Buses reportedly running red lights

A 40-year-old Elk River woman reported on Feb. 24 that in the past month, she has witnessed six school buses fail to stop for a red light from 193rd Avenue to southbound Highway 169. She said the buses were loaded with children and the buses entered the intersection after the light was red.

The woman told police she had contacted the company with no results and asked for extra patrol to address the problem. Police contacted the supervisor for bus drivers of the company who said he would be contacting the drivers regarding the issue.

Texas semi sought in Elk River

Elk River Police took an attempt to locate report Feb. 26 from the Grapevine Police Department in Texas.

They called looking for a 52-foot, white semitrailer with “Texair” in black letters and “delivery” in red letters. It’s believed to have been in Elk River.

Call put an end to theory of repossession

A 48-year-old Champlin man reported that a boat he thought was taken by a bank while his former Elk River home in the 10000 block of 205th Avenue was being foreclosed learned recently that the boat was still in his name. He found out when Miller Marine called about it. The Elk River man then wanted it reported stolen.

Spooked by some footprints, request made for patrol 

A 55-year-old Elk River woman in the 17000 block of Cleveland Street requested extra patrol after finding suspicious footprints Feb. 26 around her home and up to her doors. Nothing was entered or taken.

‘1-800’ calls raise red flag for woman

A 50-year-old Elk River woman in the 400 block of Quinn Avenue reported Feb. 26 she has recently received three phone calls from different “1-800” phone numbers. Each time she answered, an automated voice would prompt her to log onto a phone service website to receive a credit to her account. The dollar amount for the credit was different on each phone call.

The complainant stated she called her provider, AT&T, and was told it was a scam. Police advised her not to answer the phone when she receives a call from a “1-800” number, to document the number and to call back if the calls continue to come even if she does not answer the phone.

Where there’s smell, there were arrests

Management of an apartment building in the 1000 block of School Street reported on Feb. 24 a strong smell of marijuana. A 25-year-old Elk River man and a 28-year-old Crookston man were both cited for paraphernalia possession and possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Man shot himself in the foot — literally

A 31-year-old Elk River man shot himself in the foot Feb. 23 while trying to clean his gun.

Police were called to the North Memorial Clinic for a patient who arrived with a gunshot wound to the ankle.  Through the investigation, police learned the man was cleaning a pistol when the accident happened. No one else was injured during the incident.

Heroin incident sends teen to hospital

A 54-year-old Elk River woman in the 10000 block of 172nd Avenue reported Feb. 23 that her 18-year-old daughter overdosed on heroin and was breathing but not responsive.

Upon arrival the patient was alert and conscious. Mother stated that she located her daughter on the floor of her bedroom. Patient admitted to injecting heroin and said that she had been clean for over a year and had a relapse two days ago.

The patient was transported to Fairview in Princeton by Elk River Ambulance.

Garage burglarized

A 50-year-old Elk River man reported on Feb. 22 that an unknown person or persons entered his detached garage in the 18000 block of Gary Street and stole a welder, a 40-pound propane tank and a acetylene torch with gauge and hose.

Theft from vehicle reported

A 35-year-old Elk River man reported Feb. 24 several items were stolen from his locked vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot in the 1200 block of School Street. Stolen items included electronics, CDs, jewelry and some clothing.

Woman, 97, reports possible fire

A 97-year-old Elk River woman reported Feb. 24 a possible fire or gas smell inside of her residence in the 18000 block of Twin Lakes Road. Upon arrival, the house was filled with smoke and had a burning odor.

A police officer assisted the complainant out of the residence and into a vehicle owned by a friend. The source was determined to be a faulty fan or blower motor in the furnace. The furnace and gas were shut off by Elk River Fire, and the interior was ventilated. Police  advised the complainant to initiate a service call for the furnace.

Theft charges made after attempt in city

Officers received a report Feb. 23 of an attempted theft at Elk River Coborns. The suspect vehicle was located near Highway 169 and Main Street. The vehicle was stopped and the two occupants were questioned by police.

While being questioned, police noticed that there was merchandise from other stores inside the vehicle. While continuing to investigate, one of the occupants tried to flee on foot from officers. Both men were taken into custody.

A 34-year-old East Bethel man was charged with theft and possession of a small amount of marijuana.

A 46-year-old East Bethel man was charged with theft, giving a false name to a police officer, fleeing a police officer on foot and possession of drug paraphernalia.