ERMU: Watch for frozen water lines

Elk River is experiencing some frozen water lines this winter.

Elk River Municipal Utilites has had 15 frozen water lines so far this year; it typically has one or two.

Water lines are about 7 feet underground. Right now, the frost is hovering around 6.5-7.5 feet.

All residents should be monitoring the temperature of their water, according to ERMU. They can use a regular outdoor thermometer and put the tip under cold water as it is running. If the temperature is 40 degrees or below, the customer should start running their water continuously at a pencil stream width, preferably in a sink in the basement or a utility room.

If a customer does decide to run their water continuously, they should call ERMU at 763-441-2020 to let them know.

There are more tips on ERMU’s website at