Police respond to minor accidents, motorists getting stuck; schools cancelled and some without power

by Jim Boyle


Elk River Police have been responding today (Feb. 21) to minor motor vehicle property damage accidents and assisting stuck motorists.

No serious injuries had been reported as of 10 a.m.

Officers have, however, responded to about 25 motorist assists between yesterday when the snowstorm started and 10 a.m. today — mostly to help free stuck motorists. Plow drivers have been getting stuck, too.

A plow operator had to dig out after getting stuck in an Otsego cul-de-sac this morning.
A plow operator had to dig out after getting stuck in an Otsego street this morning. (Photo by Chris Quanrud)

Collins Bros. got a Minnesota Department of Transportation plow in the 17700 block of Highway 10 after it went off the road and into the median.

A police officer helped one individual who recently had arm surgery with a flat tire. To get a tow he was told it would be more than a two-hour wait.

The driver of a white four-door Cadillac slid into the side of a school bus in the vicinity of Proctor Street and Proctor Avenue yesterday afternoon and kept going.

No damage found on the bus, but the incident was documented.

There were six accidents with damage to vehicles, and only one that came in as a personal injury accident. That person, who rolled a vehicle in the area of Highway 10 and Kelley Farm Road, refused to be transported to the hospital.

Elk River Police assisted with traffic control at the intersection of Main and Carson Street until salt could be applied to the road to make it more passable. A semi had gotten stuck on an incline.

An Elk River community service officer provided emergency lights while the driver of a Morrell semi, which was completely blocking a road, was removed by a front-end loader in the  15700 block of Jarvis Street.

Many students in the Elk River Area School District are enjoying another day off as school officials cancelled school for the day. School administrators are already stumped on how to make up some of the days students have already missed.

About 400 Connexus Energy customers were without power this a.m., including some in Elk River. Connexus reported that the power outages were caused by the heavy, wet snow and they were confident everyone’s power would be restored by evening.

Troy Adams of Elk River Municipal Utilities reported none of their customers were without power, but their crews were available to help.

By about 10:30 a.m. they updated their website to report approximately 200 members remained without power. The site said all available crews were working to restore power, however, the heavy snow was also slowing down the restoration efforts.

“In many areas, crews are walking in waist-deep snow,” the site reported.

Many of the outages were caused by branches full of snow making contact with power lines.

By 4:30 p.m. nearly all of the homes had power restored, Connexus reported.