Athlete of the week: Lindsay Dorr, Rogers, basketball: Lady of the Lanes

by Bruce Strand, Sports Editor
Anyone venturing into the lane against the Rogers girls basketball team has to deal with Lindsay Dorr, the Royals imposing center who probably ought to be wearing goalie pads for as many shots as she blocks.

The long-limbed, 6-foot-2 senior is pulls down 10 to 15 rebounds per game and makes four to seven blocks while scoring 14 points per game for the Royals (13-10).

Dorr committed last summer to University of Toledo, whose coaches spotted her in a North Carolina tournament with the Minnesota Fury.

Lindsay Dorr, Rogers center, has signed with University of Toledo. (Photo by Bruce Strand)
Lindsay Dorr, Rogers center, has signed with University of Toledo. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

The way Dorr relishes defense is probably what impressed Toledo most.

“My favorite thing in both my sports is blocking,” said Dorr, who also led the volleyball team with 59 solo stuffs and 15 assists. “There’s nothing like it. I think volleyball helped me (in basketball).”

Dorr had a triple double with 22 points, 21 rebounds and 11 blocks against Spring Lake Park in December, and her high game is 25 against Duluth East in January, both in lopsided wins.

“Defensively, she is a force in the middle,” acknowledged her coach, Karlee Anderson. “She helps out (teammates) and blocks a lot of shots. Offensively, she is a big threat. She has a move from the elbow to the basket, and I trust her shot from there, too. Her post moves are coming along real well this year.”

Dorr said she gets varied reactions when she stuffs somebody’s shot.

“Some get mad. Sometimes they swear,” she said. “I just let that go. Some go, ‘Wow, that was a good block.’ ”

Dorr said it’s largely a matter of watching the shooter closely and figuring out whether to try block from the front, back or side. “I think its just a natural instinct,” reflected Dorr, who gets the job done without being overly aggressive, fouling out just once this year and seldom playing in foul trouble.

Anderson said Dorr moves her feet judiciously and stays in the right position, adding, “Plus, it helps being 6-foot-2 and probably having an arm span of 6-foot-5.”

As for rebounding, Dorr makes sure to “find” her girl right away, uses her footwork to box her out, then coils down low and springs like a jack-in-the-box: “You’ve got to go  to the ball and grab it, rather than let it come to you.”

As a junior, Dorr averaged 9.6 points, 8.4 rebounds and 6.5 blocked shots on an 18-10 team and made all-conference. Her summer with the Fury improved her game markedly.

“I’m trying to make the most of my last year in high school,” Dorr said, “and get ready for next year, too.”


Lindsay Dorr
Lindsay Dorr

Personal file — Age: 17 … Family: parents Gary and Tracy; brothers Jeffrey and Justin;  sister Meghan .. Sports: basketball, volleyball … Grades: A’s and B’s … College plans: University of Toledo, basketball, probably criminal justice

Favorite stuff — Class: English … TV show: “Pretty Little Liars” … Music: country, especially Luke Bryan … Food: BBQ ribs, steaks, burgers … Drink: Gatorade cool blue … Athlete: Lindsay Whalen … Hobby: roller blading … Wants to visit: Hawaii