Updated: Metro Transit Police investigate car versus train accident involving mom and child

A 33-year-old Big Lake woman and her 1 year-old child were involved. in  car versus train accident on Feb. 17 at the Proctor Avenue crossing in Elk River.

Here’s what Metro Transit Police are reporting:

The remains of a 33-year-old Big Lake mother's vehicle after a train struck it with her one-year-old son the vehicle.
The remains of a 33-year-old Big Lake mother’s vehicle after a train struck it with her one-year-old son the vehicle.

They received a call about 7 a.m. indicating  a northbound Northstar train en route to Big Lake struck a car at the crossing located northwest of downtown Elk River.

The driver and her infant son in a car seat were in the car, which had slid onto the tracks after coming into contact with a second car at or near the intersection.

Unable to move the car, the mother left the car but was unable to rescue the child.

Following the collision, the mother immediately retrieved the child and went to a nearby business for help.

The car was left unoccupied and the train had come to a stop about ¼-mile away.

Police later interviewed the woman at the business. Neither mother nor child appeared injured, however, both were later transported to an area medical facility for evaluation and were released.

Because this is the same train that served the last southbound trip from Big Lake to Minneapolis, Metro Transit initiated replacement bus service to cover that last trip. However, the train was cleared from the scene after about 30 minutes and ultimately did depart Big Lake about 25 minutes behind its scheduled time of 7:21 a.m.

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