Police report: Sled stolen from garage, modeling research led to fraud attempt and Star News bundles found in swamp

 by Jim Boyle


A 27-year-old Elk River man reported that between 2 a.m. and noon on Feb. 2, someone entered his garage in the 10000 block of 175th Court and took his white 1998 Polaris XCR600 snowmobile.

Police attempted to follow tracks eastbound from complainant’s residence but lost them along 175th Avenue, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

The man named some possible suspects who may have been involved. Police are investigating, Kluntz said.

Harassing texts nearly topped 100 in a week

A 22-year-old Elk River woman in the 22000 block of Meadowvale Road reported Feb. 3 that an unknown person sent nearly 100 to her cellular phone Friday, Jan. 25 through Saturday, Feb. 1.

The texts are degrading to people who attend the complainant’s church and are derogatory in sexual nature as well, Kluntz reported.

The complainant sent texts back to the sender, requesting they stop, but does not wish to pursue charges at this time. The complainant told police she needed a police report on file so her phone provider could be subpoenaed for the sender’s information.

Man reading texts    told to move along

A 26-year-old Ramsey man who stopped at Hillside City Park shortly before midnight on Feb. 2 caught the attention of an Elk River police officer.

The officer spoke to the driver, who stated he stopped to look at some text messages. He was advised of park hours. There was no further action taken.


Woman followed by  her ex’s girlfriend 

A 26-year-old Minneapolis woman reported Feb. 2 being followed by her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend all the way from Coon Rapids to Elk River.

An Elk River officer was able to speak to the complainant and the 30-year-old Coon Rapids woman near the intersection of Highway 10 and Joplin Street.

The suspect went over to the father of her child’s house and found the complainant there. The suspect wanted to confront the complainant about “girl code” and proper behavior.

The complainant left and the suspect followed. Police counseled both parties and advised the suspect not to have contact with the complainant. The complainant was advised to make a report with Coon Rapids Police Department. Both parties were sent on their way separately.

Train broke down in city, forcing detour

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe train broke down on Feb. 1 in Elk River.

Police were alerted by an anonymous caller after the cross arms at the Proctor Avenue crossing came down, and vehicles were starting to drive around the stop arms.

As an officer was arriving on scene, it was learned that a train had broken down and BNSF was working on the issue. Squads assisted in directing traffic until the crossing was cleared.

Snowmobiler cited for trespassing railroad

Elk River Police stopped a 27-year-old Champlin man at about 1:30 p.m. Feb. 1 for operating a snowmobile on railroad property. The man was cited for recreational vehicle trespassing in the area of Main Street and Railroad Drive.

Missing boy sought via Facebook found here

A 17-year-old Elk River boy who had runaway from a halfway house in St. Cloud was located in Elk River.

A complainant reported the male party wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants walking east along Highway 10 near Proctor Ave that matched the description of a juvenile runaway from St. Cloud that he saw on Facebook.

An officer responded but was not initially able to locate the juvenile. The complainant later called back and advised that the juvenile was inside a specific building.

The juvenile was located and returned to his parents in Elk River at the request of the St. Cloud Police Department. He was transported to his residence in Elk River and returned to his father.

Bundles of Star News found in swampy area

A 44-year-old Elk River woman reported at 12:33 p.m. on Feb. 1 that an individual in a blue Saturn stopped in the 18000 block of Ulysses Street and threw multiple items over the fence and into the swamp on the west side of roadway.

An officer checked the area and located at least five bundles of Star News newspapers and 11 bundles of Eastern River Communities phone books.

The complainant was able to catch the incident on video.

Woman asleep at the wheel cited for DWI

Elk River Police took a report at 6:33 p.m. Jan. 31 of an individual asleep inside her vehicle at the Circle K convenience store in the 18000 block of Zane Street.

An officer located the woman slumped over and asleep against the steering wheel. The 25-year-old Elk River woman was eventually arrested for DWI and brought to CentraCare Hospital in Monticello where a urine test was collected after she refused to do a blood test.

Police look into recent theft of Cub groceries

A manager for Cub Foods in Elk River reported Jan. 30 a male suspect pushed a full cart of groceries out of the pharmacy doors to a waiting car, loaded the items and left without paying.

The manager was able to provide the listed license plate and upon viewing the video a suspect description was obtained. A local alert was issued for the vehicle. The loss amount is unknown; however, police made plans to follow up with loss prevention.

Teens told find new place for romance

Elk River Police were dispatched Jan. 30 a report of two people fornicating in a vehicle in the 10000 block of 181st Avenue.

Upon arrival, the officer located the vehicle in question and observed it to have fogged-over windows. I made contact with the two occupants of the vehicle, who admitted to “making out.” The occupants, a 16-year-old Elk River boy and a 16-year-old Elk River girl, were advised to find a different place for their activities.

Modeling research led to attempted fraud

A 50-year-old Elk River woman in the 12000 block of Ridgewood Drive reported Jan. 30 that someone was trying to defraud her daughter, who had been researching some modeling training online and started emailing and texting with some online photography business without her knowledge.

The complainant said that this company subsequently sent her daughter two checks and asked that her daughter cash them at Wells Fargo.

The complainant further stated that this “company” has been emailing them requesting them to wire a large portion of the money back to an account in Russia.

An officer confirmed it was more than likely a scam and not to communicate any more with this company. The officer also advised the complainant to contact her bank and have them look into the checks as they were more than likely fake or fraudulent as well.

Police told her to call back if this company continues to contact them.

Police help woman, 36, unload gun to transport

A 36-year-old Elk River woman called police on Jan. 30 with questions about transporting a gun.

She had a .40 caliber Ruger that belonged to her ex-husband that she wanted returned. She was advised the gun could be transported as long as it is cased and unloaded.

She said she did not know how to unload it, and an officer responded to the residence and cleared the handgun for the complainant.

Chaska man reports spendy hammer stolen

A 30-year-old Chaska man reported Jan. 30 that he had a $200 hammer stolen from the job site in the 600 block of Railroad Drive where he was working. Possible suspect information was provided.

Police talk to student who stole from mom

A Meadowvale school official requested an officer speak to a student who had stolen money from his mother’s dresser and brought it to school.

The student had also given 1/7 of the money to another student to not say anything to the teacher.

The officer spoke with the student about the consequences of his actions and where they would lead if he continues to do this type of activity. The mother responded to the school and all her money was returned to her.