Opinion: Reader questions $65,000 for a sign consultant

 Reader questions $65,000 for a sign consultant

When people are struggling to get through this down economy, I find it interesting that Elk River City Council is considering hiring a consulting firm for $65,000 to study and make recommendations on signage that lays out a 25- to 50-year plan. If the consulting firm costs $65,000, you can only guess how much the signage will cost.

Every day, Elk River families must make decisions on how best to spend their money and not to spend foolishly and stay within their respective budgets.

I could understand and support $65,000 for police, fire or emergency services, but to spend this amount of money to hire some firm to study and make sign recommendations seems foolish and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Needless to say that I, for one, do not support this idea and think it should be shelved until the economy fully recovers. — Terry Choate, Elk River