Hockey Day Minnesota: Commemorative prints available

by Joni Astrup

Associate Editor

Artwork by two Minnesota artists is being sold to commemorate Hockey Day Minnesota in Elk River.

One piece is by Glenn Quist, of Elk River, and the other by Terrence Fogarty, of Victoria. Both paintings feature Handke Pit, the site of Hockey Day 2014.

The prints are available online at or at Handke Stadium during Hockey Day, while supplies last.

The Hockey Day Minnesota 2014 painting by Terrance Fogarty.
The Hockey Day Minnesota 2014 painting by Terrence Fogarty.
The Hockey Day Minnesota 2014 painting by Glenn Quist.
The Hockey Day Minnesota 2014 painting by Glenn Quist.

Quist said when he was asked to do a painting for the event, he had to imagine how Hockey Day in the Handke Stadium would look.

“When I stood there on that sidewalk looking down, it’s kind of what my eye saw,” he said of the image he painted of Hockey Day spectators watching a game being played in the stadium below.

Two hundred and fifty signed and numbered prints are being sold for $65 each. Their finished size is 11 by 14 inches, which Quist said is a standard size that can be easily framed. Quist will be in the vendors tent during Hockey Day on Saturday, Jan. 18, to answer questions.

The original acrylic painting is 3 by 4 feet in size.

Quist has his own fond memories of Handke Stadium. He played there a lot as a boy and, years later, so did his kids.

“It’s a wonderful place,” Quist said.

He painted a winter scene of the stadium in 1982 when there was talk of filling it in and making it into a parking lot. Years later, he gave the reproduction rights of that print to the Elk River Rotary, and sales of the prints were used to help fund the restoration of the stadium, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Meanwhile, Fogarty’s oil on canvas painting depicts three children and a dog walking up the hill from the Handke Pit. Fogarty had taken photos of the scene a few weeks ago during a visit to Elk River.

Elk River High School Principal Terry Bizal said the three kids in the painting are Elk River Youth Hockey players Cayden Casey (left), Sophie Seidel (middle)  and Annika Carlson.

Two hundred signed 11-by-13-inch prints are available at $65 each.

Fogarty’s style is called photo-realism. He also did paintings for Hockey Day Minnesota in 2007 and 2013. For more information, go to

Hockey Day Minnesota Elk River purchased both of the originals from the artists.When the event is over, the Hockey  Day Minnesota Elk River steering committee will determine what will happen with the original paintings, Bizal said.