Spectrum winter sports previews

Spectrum wrestling

Coaches — Sean Ryther (head), Larry Killeen, J.T. Cross, Pete Haag, Ken Samudio
Last year — 10-13 overall; 3rd in conference meet
Captains — Sam Rogers, Joey Chaffn, Steffen Salfrank
Returning starters — Rogers (sr), Josiah Roberts (sr), Chaffin (sr), Curtis Holst (jr), Salfrank (jr), Ryan Killeen (so), Esteban Teigen (so), Luke Nolden (so), Shane Herrlin (so), Zak Selley (sr), Elliott Uecker (jr)
Also in the mix — Gary Leshovsky (jr), Noah Rogers (so)
Worth noting — Killeen (34-8) and Teigen (24-7) were all-conference; Salfrank was 20-8, S. Rogers 25-19, Nolden (state qualifier) 25-17
Coach says — “Last year we finished third in the Tri-Metro Conference. It is our goal to improve from that. The boys have put in more time on the mat and in the weight room with hopes to make them even more competitive than last year.”
Outlook — Last year, for the first time, team filled all the weight classes most of the time. This year they will probably have one open, the coach said.

Spectrum girls basketball

Coaches — Lenny Sedlock (head), Alicia Hannan, Nicki Luehrs
Last year — 4-4 conference, 12-15 overall
Captains — Rachel Stevenson, Rachel Goldsmith
Returning starters — Stevenson (sr G), Brynn Bozich (so G)
Other starters — Rachel Goldsmith (jr G), Katelyn Bozich (jr P), Noelle Dieman (so P)
Worth noting— Lone senior Stevenson (11.8 ppg) is top scorer back and floor leader. Coach feels she’ll be a college player.
Coach says — “We feel we have a solid five starters who work hard and will keep us in all games. Our girls played summer and fall ball, which will be a huge help. … Our younger girls will need to step up. We have been able to add more offense and defense to our game. We expect a good year.”
Outlook — Coach notes that it’s a young and small team and lacks varsity depth, and needs to avoid foul trouble and be in good shape. Turnout was 37 girls, almost double from last year, and cuts had to be made for the first time. Of 24 girls kept, 15 are in grades 7 through 9.

Spectrum boys basketball

Coaches — Steve De Los Reyes (head), Marc Prepeluh, Justin Liljequist
Last year — 5-18 overall
Captains —Niki Mayer, Ben Maki, Zachary Knollenberg
Returning starters — Mayer (sr F), Maki (jr G), Josiah Bondy (jr C), Knollenberg (so G)
Also in the mix — Evan Emmel (sr F), Dan Jones (jr C), John Brand (so G), Nick Anderson (fr F), Cole Elrod (7th G)
Worth noting — Knollenberg (12 ppg) is top scorer back, followed by Maki
Coach says — “Our strong point is chemistry. These guys genuinely like playing together.  We are still very raw in some categories.  We don’t have a standout one-on-one player that can get his own shot. When we run or system, we get good looks.  We will show our youth with some inconsistency, but the effort will be there to make up ground.”
Outlook —After playing a schedule laced with state contenders last year, the Sting face more teams similar to their own size and enrollment … Coach thinks double-digit wins are possible barring injuries.