City of Otsego to study drinking water

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer

The Otsego City Council approved a plan to conduct a state-mandated study to determine the needs of their Drinking Water Supply Management Area.

Every 10 years the Minnesota Department of Health requires cities to conduct the study and update their wellhead protection plans. The study will assess the city’s current and future water usage needs and if the current supply area is sufficient. It will also determine the vulnerability of the aquifer to contamination from private wells or other sources.

Otsego to examine its water supply.
Otsego to examine its water supply.

The department had estimated the study would cost Otsego $20,000 but, after receiving three bids, the city accepted the second highest bid of $12,135 after scoring the companies based on their experience and proposal.

The council also agreed to allow ProspectPointe, LLC an extended time period to pay utility availability, park dedication fees, street light utility and sign fees for ProspectPointe Addition. The addition consists of 16 single-family homes and two out-lots.

The fees total $103,856 and will be paid over seven years at 5.6 percent interest.

The council felt that the extension was appropriate because the development is an in-fill of less than 20 lots in an existing neighborhood, undertaken by a private individual who is personally financing the in-ground improvements.