City recognizes Anderson’s efforts

by Joni Astrup

Associate Editor

Dave Anderson, who has been a key figure in the development and maintenance of parks in Elk River, is the city’s Volunteer of the Month for November.

Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson

He was honored at Monday’s Elk River City Council meeting.

“The term ‘volunteer’ doesn’t seem to really cover all the things he’s done,” Mayor John Dietz said.

Anderson has been a member of the Elk River Parks and Recreation Commission for 26 years.

He has worked with more than 20 Eagle Scout candidates to accomplish park improvement projects. He also has been a very active volunteer at Woodland Trails Park since 1988 and has maintained trails there since that time.

Anderson also has worked on small native prairies in Elk River since the mid-1990s. He has volunteered many hours at the city’s new Bailey Point Nature Preserve.

Anderson is facilities co-chair for Hockey Day Minnesota 2014.

He also helped develop Orono Softball Complex, was a youth sports coach and served on the Sherburne County Park Commission.

Anderson said he’s fortunate to work for a company that supports community service, Cretex, and to live in a community that fosters volunteering.

In another matter related to Anderson, the city is considering a request to rename the Orono Softball Complex the Dave Anderson Athletic Complex.

The mayor has submitted a request for the name change, following the procedure outlined in the city’s parks and facilities naming policy.

In a letter regarding the proposed name change, Dietz said the Orono Softball Complex was one of Anderson’s pet projects and he helped develop it into one of the top stofball facilities in the metro area.

Dietz also submitted nine pages documenting Anderson’s parks and community involvement over the years.

“Dave has spent thousands of hours creating, improving and maintaining our park system,” Dietz wrote.

The Elk River Parks and Recreation Commission will consider the naming request on Dec. 11. It will then be forwarded to the City Council for a final decision.