Opinion: Houlton assessment question raised, parent proud to call Elk River home

Writer raises

fairness question

Just a few thoughts.

In the past few years,

the city of Elk River has

been most generous to the

Houlton family.

The city purchased two

buildings they could not

rent. This only cost the city

a mere three quarters of a

million dollars, plus another

$100,000 for demolition.

Next the Houltons threatened

to block off the old First

National Bank Parking lot

unless the city bought it.

This only cost us a quarter

of a million dollars.

Now it seems the Houlton

estate feels they are being

picked on when they are

asked to pay the special

assessments on the farm

property, so they are asking

that we forgive the assessment

that’s another third of

a million dollars.

Further, the money that

will be paid for the farm is

also our tax dollars.

Just doesn’t seem fair to

me, a taxpayer. — Wally

Fox, Elk River


should be paid

Our City Council is suggesting

the assessments

for the Houlton Farm be

excused. I’m sorry, but what

about the rest of the community?

Our neighborhood

was assessed around $7,000

for our street assessment.

Then we were told that we

would have to pay monthly

for street repairs so that

others would not have to

pay this kind of assessment

again. The farm received

water and sewer; it does

not matter if they used it or

not – it is there.

I would like to know what

would happen if any other

citizen of Elk River declined

to pay their assessment.

You can bet your bottom

dollar that their home

would be attached and if

they sold the property the

assessment would be the

first thing to come out of

the payment. And if it went

too long, the city would be

knocking at your door.

The city of Elk River does

not need another park;

they can’t even keep up the

ones that we already have.

To forgive the $346,779

assessment is an insult to

all of the people of Elk

River that pay their taxes

and assessments.

I vote “no” on the park

and I truly hope that anyone

else that feels the same

way will write into the

paper and vote “no” also. —

Gayle Fox, Elk River

Parent proud

to call Elk River


As a parent of a 7-yearold

child attending

Meadowvale Elementary

School in Elk River and

a soon-to-be attending

4-year-old child, I am writing

to show my appreciation

for the Veterans Day celebration

put on by the kids

and staff on Nov. 11. We

have been very impressed

with the school’s programs

and teachers.

The special holiday and

Veterans Day programs,

as well as the day-to-day

instruction, has exceeded

our expectations. I would

also like to thank Dave

Hauer for his leadership

at the school. Their efforts,

coupled with the high level

of parent participation, has

made it very easy to say

we are proud to live in Elk

River. — Al Lerberg, Elk