Nov 6 Workshop

NOVEMBER 6, 2013
The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners met in a Workshop Session on November 6, 2013 at the Sherburne County Government Center in the City of Elk River with all Commissioners present. Call to order by the Chair was at 9:00 a.m.
Riebel/Anderson unanimous to approve the Workshop Agenda for November 6, 2013 as presented.
Dan Weber, Interim Deputy Administrator, was present to review the 2014 budget. A draft spreadsheet with current numbers was handed out and reviewed. Mr. Weber provided options to reach the goal of less than 0% levy increase set by the Board. Further meetings are scheduled with Department Heads and a budget update is scheduled to be given at the November 19, 2013 County Board Meeting.
Nancy Riddle, Planning and Zoning Administrator, was present to review zoning issues. Joe St. Dennis, Building Official, and Dave Lucas, Solid Waste Administrator, were also present. The following issues were reviewed and discussed:
1) The request from a Lake Association for Zoning to consider doing a project to monitor septic systems. Information concerning a pilot project done by Stearns County (grant funded) was reviewed along with current rules and regulations concerning upgrades to septic systems.
2) The storage of trailers on property. Zoning does not currently regulate the number of trailers stored on properties as long as they are licensed. A survey of other counties was done with the results provided to the Board for review. The Board suggested contacting the Townships to get their input on this issue.
3)The construction of out-buildings on property without a residence. Currently this is not allowed and Zoning is looking for direction from the Board on this issue. There have been requests by landowners to build an outbuilding with no residence.
4) Dave Lucas, Solid Waste Administrator, provided a PowerPoint Presentation on the compliance process. On average they get about 100 complaints per year and have a 97% compliance achieved through Zoning. Staff time and documentation were also reviewed.
5) A handout with information concerning evaluation of property in the flood plain was given.
6) A copy of a letter sent to all Townships concerning procedures for review and recommendations on Zoning requests was handed out to the Board.
Dan Weber, Interim Deputy Administrator, and Kathleen Heaney, County Attorney, were present to review the Fairgrounds Lease. Those present introduced themselves as follows: Ken Francis, Reporter, West Sherburne Tribune; Kathleen Heaney, County Attorney; Lynn George, Central Services Coordinator; Steve Taylor, County Administrator; Marv Ziner, Fair Board; Roger Kostreba, Fair Board; Irene Kostreba, Fair Board; Commissioner Riebel, Commissioner Anderson, Commissioner Petersen, Commissioner Schmiesing, Commissioner Leonard, and Paul Rignell, Reporter, Elk River Star News. Kathleen Heaney informed those present that the legal description for the fairgrounds property has not been updated since the City of Elk River acquired land for road improvements/right-of-way and requested the Board consider that a survey be done by in-house personnel. Ms. Heaney noted there are no title issues and the City of Elk River has right of first refusal if the land is sold. The lease for the Fairgrounds will expire in 2016. Fair Board members have presented a request concerning the lease and construction of a building on the property. Ms. Heaney stated those decisions lie with the County Board. Her suggestion was to form a committee to do fact gathering, provide information on impacts, and pros and cons for the short and long term. Irene Kostreba provided information on a grant for which the Fair Board wants to apply to construct a History Center Building on the property. They want to know the lease will go beyond 2016 before pursuing this project. The Board indicated they would need to see a business plan so the Board can understand how they can sustain the Fair over time. Roger Kostreba noted the many families who provide many hours of volunteer time as well as support to the Fair. The Board directed staff to bring a request to a future Board meeting concerning the establishment of a committee to look at the short and long term potentials for the land.
Kevin Anderson, Building Facilities Director, and Bill Marks, Assistant Building Facilities Director, presented a review of the three options for the atrium repair project. A committee was formed to look at options provided by Inspec, the firm hired to provide this information. It was noted that the committee was in favor of Option #2. The consensus of the Board was to get costs for providing pricing information for both Option #1 and Option #2.
Joel Brott, Sheriff, was present to discuss traffic safety on Eagle Lake Road in Big Lake due to the high volume of motor vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Currently a speed zone study is being conducted on this road. The Sheriffs Department is looking to add LED lights to existing signs using traffic safety funds. The lights can be moved if the signs are changed. The Sheriff has met with Rhonda Lewis, County Engineer, and Public Works supports this effort. The City of Big Lake will install and maintain the lights. Sheriff Brott will bring this to a future Board Meeting for approval.
Steve Taylor, County Administrator
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Star News
November 16, 2013

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