Student representative sees all upside to seat

• Elk River High School senior wants to work on his

Elk River Area School Board Member Jolene Jorgensen was elected chairwoman of the school board at Monday night's organizational meeting of the School Board.
Charlie Domeier will be among those once a month sitting around the board table at business meetings of the Elk River Area School Board.

communication skills


by Jim Boyle


Charlie Domeier believes in shooting for the moon and collecting stars along the way.

“I want to make the most of everything I do,” he said.

So when a friend’s parent suggested he consider becoming the Elk River High School student representative on the Elk River Area School Board, he decided it would be good to build on his communication skills.

He asked his principal, Terry Bizal, who endorsed the idea. Soon after that he was selected.

“We feel good about Charlie representing the school,” Bizal said. “It’s a big commitment.”

The student representatives are asked to attend about one meeting a month and give a report on what’s happening at their schools.

Occasionally, members of the Elk River Area School Board ask them to weigh in on matters with their thoughts and opinions.

Domeier looks forward to all of it, noting his goal will be to ensure all groups and clubs at the school are recognized and not just sports.

The 18-year-old Nowthen resident, who was adopted at age 2 from Russia, is involved in DECA and on speech team, and he helps lead a peer ministry group at St. Andrew’s Church.

He attended St. Andrew’s School from kindergarten through grade six. He then completed middle school at Salk.  He’s now in his fourth and final year at Elk River High School.

Unlike many of his peers at school, Domeier has already pinpointed his major and selected his university. He said he plans to attend North Dakota State University and major in business management.

Bizal points out Domeier’s experience as a student representative on the board will look good on the resume he brings to college and his career path of choice.