Motorcycle chase ends in Elk River

Elk River Police helped bring an end to a police chase that started 15 miles and three cities away when a crotch rocket-type motorcycle blew by a Champlin police officer at 100-plus mph, according to the first in a series of calls to coordinating dispatchers.

An officer for the Champlin Police Department spotted the speeding motorcyclist on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 25, while he was on the shoulder of road at the near  the intersection of West River Road and Winnetka Avenue North in Champlin, according to Champlin Police Chief Dave Kolb.

The motorcyclist, who turned out to be a 30-year-old Brooklyn Park man, continued on when the officer began to pursue him.

The cyclist made his way through Anoka along Ferry Street and later Highway 10 and headed north on Armstrong Boulevard in Ramsey before connecting with 181st Avenue, according to the dialogue between authorities and dispatchers.

Elk River Police were made aware of the chase early on. The cyclist reportedly reached speeds of more than 120 mph, using the oncoming lanes of traffic at times to pass people, according to chatter on the police scanner.

The chase entered Elk River on 181st Avenue (County Road 12) where Elk River Police were waiting for him at the intersection of Twin Lakes Road and 181st Avenue.

One officer radioed in to say the cyclist reached 150 mph while several agencies worked together to catch the suspect, wanted initially on speeding alone.

The motorcyclist continued past Elk River authorities at Twin Lakes Road and went through a red light at Main Street and Highway 169 to head north on the highway.

But an Elk River officer became the lead squad in the pursuit that was about to end when the motorcyclist turned right off of the highway onto Elk Hills Drive.

“He slowed down like he was not sure where to go then started to turn onto southbound Dodge (Avenue),” said Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz. “The officer started to overtake the motorcycle and limit the space the rider had to flee.”

This image was captured by an eyewitness to the conclusion of the chase.
This image was captured by an eyewitness to the conclusion of the chase.

As the rider navigated his last turn, he hit the curb, tipped the bike and was thrown from the cycle.

The officer got out of his squad car and drew his weapon, as is standard procedure, Kluntz said.

The officer repeatedly told the rider to get down on the ground, but the driver did not comply with the officer’s commands.

Eventually, he and a Ramsey officer apprehended him.  The suspect, who was not wearing a helmet, was turned over at 11:23 a.m. to Champlin Police.

Kolb said they have filed felony-level charges for fleeing police with the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. Kolb said they are also seeking possible driving while under the influence charges, pending the outcome of test results.