Golf: Hennington only six short of golfing every course in Minnesota

Art Hennington, the Elk River retired teacher whose goal is to play every golf course in Minnesota, reports that he’s only got six left.

“It won’t be until next year that I finish,” said Hennington, 65, who has crossed off 485 of 491 courses. “I’ve got a couple of private courses left, but I’ve got some connections for both.”

Art Hennington talked to WDAY in Fargo here.
Art Hennington talked to WDAY in Fargo here.

Hennington referred to Woodhill in Wayzata and Town and Country in St. Paul. He said he’s also got four public courses left including one in the Northwest Angle he only recently learned about.

Hennington, who has golfed since the 1960’s, started his quest to play ever Minnesota course in the late 1990’s. He thought the number was low 400’s at the time, but over the years keeps finding out about more courses.

The Star-Tribune did a feature on his quest Oct. 20, and ABC’s WDAY Fargo station did a feature on him in September.  The Star News first covered the story in 2009 when he had played 317 courses.