Impounded pets will be held fewer days

by Joni Astrup

Associate Editor

People who have had a pet impounded in Elk River will now have five, rather than seven, business days to claim it.

The change comes after the city determined that Elk River’s ordinance specified that an impounded animal be held for a longer period of time than required by state statute, according to Capt. Bob Kluntz of the Elk River Police Department.

The Elk River City Council voted Oct. 21 to change the city’s ordinance to hold impounded animals for five, rather than seven, business days to mirror state statute.

Animals impounded in Elk River are transported to Barrington Oaks Veterinary Hospital, 710 Dodge Ave., where they are held until claimed. If they go unclaimed, they are often adopted out, Kluntz said.

There were 171 animals impounded in Elk River from Oct. 27, 2012 through Oct. 27, 2013, he said.

“Many of our impounds are due to animals being at large,” Kluntz said.

If a person thinks their pet may have been impounded, Kluntz said they can call the Police Department at 763-635-1200 or call Barrington Oaks at 763-441-4000 to see if it is there.

Additionally, the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office encourages people to report lost or found pets or livestock by calling 763-765-3595. The Sheriff’s Office will try to reunite owners with their animals. The department also periodically updates lists of lost and found animals at