County approves pay raise

by Paul Rignell
Contributing Writer
Sherburne County Board members voted 4-1 Oct. 15 to increase general salaries for all nonunion, nonelected employees by 1 percent next year.
Commissioner Ewald Petersen voted against this measure that was moved by John Riebel and seconded by Bruce Anderson.
Petersen proposed other salary adjustments, however, moving to add a raise of 0.5 percent effective July 1, 2014, after the 1 percent increase is implemented Jan. 1. Commissioner Felix Schmiesing seconded that motion, but he and Petersen were out-voted 3-2 by commissioners Riebel, Anderson and Board Chair Rachel Leonard.
The increase of 1 percent will follow adjustments that those employees have received in 2013, including 1.25 percent last Jan. 1 and another 1.25 percent July 1. Those raises matched increases that were established in contracts for other workers in the 10 different unions that negotiate with the county.
All of those union contracts are up at the end of 2013 and are under current negotiations.
Interim County Administrator Dan Weber told the Star News that the estimated impact of the 1 percent adjustment for nonunion workers will not be known until after Nov. 1.