Vintage baseball back in town

Old-time baseball is back. The St. Croix Base Ball Club is returning to take on the Becker Buzzards.

The game will be at the city of Zimmerman Lions Park Fred Schultz baseball field at 1 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 18. Spectators should bring their own lawn chairs for seating.

The Sherbune History Center staff is urging people to attend and bring their families. During the game, a hat will be passed for donations to the Sherburne County Historical Society.

The St. Croix Base Ball Club plays vintage base ball according to 1860 rules. This was after the nine-inning rule had taken effect, but the players do not use gloves and there are no called balls or strikes.

An umpire for the day will only have to decide if the ball is fair or foul and may be able to ask the crowd for their advice if not sure. These rules were also used by Civil War soldiers during times of leisure, which helped make baseball a pastime for the entire nation.

The Lions Park is located at 25880 Main St., Zimmerman.

For more information, call the Sherburne History Center at 763-261-4433 or visit