Thanks for writing garage sale letters

Citizens of Elk River, I congratulate you who have written letters to the editor concerning garage sale signs along the streets. It is comforting to know that you are affected by the removal of these signs. The City has every right to remove these signs if there is a complaint; however, the person who removes the sign should have the courtesy to leave the sign with a note if the homeowner is not present when he removes the sign. Every person who has placed a sign in our yard has asked permission before placing their sign. That is as it should be. One election year we lost three election signs. No one knew where they were, but we were finally able to track them down at the city’s maintenance building. If the person who removed the sign had notified us that an individual had complained we could have resolved the issue.

In the Aug. 10, 2013 issue of the Star News I read that Elk River Police Chief Brad Rolfe “has requested that an Elk River police officer be trained and assigned to the drug task force as a detective and a new entry-level officer be hired to fill the vacated patrol officer position.” This really hit me! Did you notice that it said “vacated!” It also stated that in 2012 we lost 11 Sherburne County citizens to heroin overdose and 4 of these were from Elk River. In my way of thinking I would much rather save lives than spend money to have a city employee pick up signs that are informative to residents and non-residents. Drugs are known to kill! Signs are informative. — Lola Driessen, Elk River