Stand up for church, not sports, on Sunday mornings

In response and support of the articles in the paper the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about this issue for a very long time and decided to put my thoughts in print. I am thankful to Don Heinzman, Jim Boyle, Carey Casey and Judy Mikkola for getting this ball rolling. If the readers have not yet read their articles, the issue is about the parents and players having to decide or choose between whether they go to church on Sunday morning or play their sport.

I’m sure many readers of this paper can remember the day when on Sunday everything was closed. As time went on changes took place and soon some businesses chose to be open for business on Sunday. At one point in time a coach chose to have practice on Sunday, and with not much opposition, it seemed to be accepted. Later, games were scheduled and then tournaments followed. Why? Because there wasn’t enough opposition. Too much acceptance it seems, or not enough people to take a stand against what they thought was wrong or right.

Have you ever heard of this saying, “If you don’t stand for something, then you stand for nothing. Well I stand for God. 1) God 2) family 3) sports.

Somehow our society has changed that order to 1) sports 2) family 3) God. Our country, the United States of America was founded by people with faith in God. “God Bless America” Our money says, “In God we Trust.” Just who or what are we trusting in when God is in 3rd place.

When I was young my parents were faced with this same issue church or, in my case, hockey? Now I as a parent have had to make the same choice, church or sports. Unfortunately I have, like other parents given in to sports therefore compromising my stand. That’s the problem.

Why should we as parents and players, have to make a choice as to going to church on Sunday morning or playing a sport, especially in fear that the player might be suspended because of it? Really!!

This has to change and I think many people want a change, the question is how? All of the articles written have been great, but with no suggestion or idea to a solution. Here is my idea. As radical as it may be, I propose that we close all ball fields, soccer fields, gymnasiums and arenas and other sports facilities until noon on Sunday. Is it possible? Why or why not?

Let’s go with possible.

First and foremost if God is going to be number one we should begin with prayer. There is power in prayer. Clergy who feel strong about this issue invite your congregation to pray and keep praying.

Second is that there is power in numbers. Change will not take place with a few parents meeting for coffee or a few more articles in the paper. People, “we the people,” of this Elk River area need to make our voices heard.

When you finish reading this article you need to take action. Put down the paper and contact someone in authority. Don’t call me; I have no authority to make changes.

Just think who owns or controls most of our sports facilities in the Elk River area. The City of Elk River or the Elk River Area School District. Call them and tell them you support the closing of sports facilities until noon on Sunday. Call the city council member of your ward, call the mayor, and call a school board member and/or call the superintendant of District 728. Send emails. Write so many letters to the paper that there has to be a special edition.

If we want a change we have to let our leaders know. Not just a few, it has to be huge. Even if you’re not a parent of a child in sports but want to take a stand; make the call.

I already know one opposition will be money. How much money will be lost if facilities are closed until noon? Probably a lot.

Just think opposers, who is paying for the facilities to be built and operated in the first place. That’s right, the parents, the residents, the taxpayers of this area. It seems to me that when enough people get together in support of a change that it’s possible to make it happen.

What if Elk River takes a stand for God and surrounding cities take our lead? Could it become statewide? Perhaps nationwide? Let’s put God back in first place.

What do you say people of the Elk River area? Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to make a stand? Elk River City Council, Mayor, Independent School District 728 school board members, superintendent of District 728, coaches of all sports where do you stand? We the people of Elk River area want to know. After all, we are the people who elected you. We want to see it in print.

Is closing sports facilities until noon on Sunday possible? I believe it is. — Steve Marohn, Elk River