Otsego to add ‘temporary’ parking

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing writer

The Otsego City Council approved a parking lot expansion for businesses at the Waterfront East development. The parking will be added to the building at 9010 Quantrelle Ave., whichwill help businesses like Cowboy Jack’s and others that run short on available parking spaces.

The new lot will be located to the south and east of the building, on land that was originally earmarked for more building space, possibly a restaurant. Though the new lot will be paved and surrounded by perimeter concrete curb, the building owners consider it a temporary solution and still hope to build on the site eventually.

They wanted to make it clear to the Council that the parking is only temporary, because, according to City Planner Daniel Licht, “They want to be able to maintain the rights to incentives.”

The Council agreed to allow the owners, Main Street Otsego Development, LLC, to retain incentive agreements already in place that offer them $38,000 in incentives if at least $480,000 of building is completed on the land.

The Council also agreed to do a more extensive noise impact and mitigation study along where a new section of 70th Street is proposed to be constructed.

A noise study was already conducted at a single point along the road but, upon submitting the results to MnDOT and the Federal Highway Adminstration, it was determined that a larger study was needed along the proposed road’s entire route. The more extensive study will cost $4,750.

In other matters, the $383,000 remodel and repurposing of the Otsego Prairie Center is set to begin this week after the Council gave the final approvals for the project.

Mayor Jessica Stockamp had been hoping the construction would be completed by the Otsego Prairie Festival on Sept. 14 but the project is expected to take eight to 10 weeks.

“It was my little pipe dream, to have it done by then” she said, laughing. “It shouldn’t have any impact on the festival, whether it’s done or not. I just wanted everyone there to see it.”