Facebook alert may be much ado about nothing; investigation still open though

A neighborhood warning posted on Facebook might be much ado about nothing.

Through its investigation so far, the Wright County Sheriff’s Office has been able to identify the person and vehicle involved in the Aug. 2 report of a male photographing children in the Albertville area.

A subject who resembles the physical description, and who drives a similar vehicle, was interviewed on Aug. 7.

This person is a real estate person who was in the area at the time of the Aug. 2  report, photographing a foreclosed home. The subject denied photographing any children and his story has been verified, according to a Wright County Sheriff’s Department release.

Facebook alert got people posting, sharing
Facebook alert got people posting, sharing.

The sheriff’s officed received information at about 12:40 p.m. on Aug. 2 from two juvenile females who reported a man in a black 4 door car with partial license of “404” was taking pictures of them near 75th Street and Large Avenue in the City of Albertville.

The vehicle was last seen leaving eastbound from the area on 75th Street. The man was described as a white male, 50-60 years old, wearing a black or brown cap. The man did not make any attempt to lure the juveniles into his vehicle.

After a citizen posted a flyer describing the incident, the Sheriff’s Office received a call on August 5 reporting a white male, 50-60 years old standing near the corner of Jason Avenue and Kassel Avenue with a camera hanging around his neck. This incident occurred at 6:30 p..m. on Aug. 4.

These incidents remain under investigation by the Wright County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone with information is asked to call our office at 763 682-1162.