Police report: stolen car found with counterfeit money, burning complaint

by Jim Boyle


Combine fire at Cargill starts grass fire

At approximately 5 p.m. July 29, the Elk River Fire Department was dispatched to the 10300 block of 165th Avenue in Elk River for a combine on fire in a field.

Upon arrival to Cargill’s Animal Nutrition Innovation Campus, fire crews encountered a fully involved John Deere combine and a grass fire starting on the site as a result. The driver of the combine who was operating the machine when it caught on fire had escaped safety.

Firefighters had to cut through a barbed-wire fence to get at the fire, which ultimately burned about three-fourths of an acre before it was extinguished, according to Elk River Fire Chief John Cunningham.

The blaze was contained to the site, which is adjacent to the Youth Athletic Complex, 9850 165th Ave.

Cunningham reported there were no injuries in the fire. The Ramsey Fire Department assisted.

Police locate stolen car with counterfeit money, drugs inside

A vehicle stolen in May from Lee’s Riverside Auto of Elk River, 15526 Adams St., has been recovered, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

The car was found on July 24 in St. Francis. It has been returned to the dealership, Kluntz said. Employees there cleaning the vehicle located counterfeit money and controlled substances inside it. Police collected the items as evidence.

The Elk River Police Department took nearly a dozen reports of counterfeit bills being passed in Elk River between July 11 and 26. The Elk River department took a couple more reports of counterfeit bills allegedly passed between July 27 and 29.

A 52-year-old Elk River woman reported to police July 29 that one of her employees had received two $20 counterfeit bills.

The business owner reported the fake money was discovered while doing paperwork. Police collected the bills and entered them into evidence.

A 65-year-old Anoka man called police July 27 to report that he had received a fake $20 bill in change while at the Elk River American Legion. He thought the bill may have been counterfeit and said he intended to take it to his bank the next day to see if it was genuine.

Elk River pair reports burglary

An Elk River pair living in the 300 block of Second Street reported July 28 their garage was burglarized and several hand tools were taken.

The 36-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman reported their detached garage’s rear window had been broken out.

A detective responded and processed the scene. A set of fingerprints was lifted from the area close to the window entry point, and one tool set was taken back to the Police Department for further processing.

Burning complaint leads to citation

A 43-year-old Elk River man was cited July 28 for an illegal fire.

Police were called that afternoon to the man’s home in the 800 block of Jackson Avenue on a burning complaint. They arrived to find the source of the unattended fire an oversized outdoor fire pit.

Elk River Police and Fire also found an old chair burned down to the metal frame along with beverage cans and papers. Elk River Fire extinguished the fire.

The homeowner, who arrived later, was cited for burning illegal substances. He stated that he was on a bicycle ride for 15 minutes, with knowledge of the fire. He also told police that the prohibited materials were from a previous fire.

Brother suspected of illegal drug use 

A 49-year-old Elk River man reported he suspected his brother of using illicit drugs. On July 24 he brought in a plastic bag to the Elk River Police Department. He asked police to examine the contents of the bag to see if it had narcotics in it, but it only had a white crystal residue and did not contain enough material to perform a drug test.

The complainant described his brother’s recent changes and was advised the actions could be a sign of drug use. The complainant was also given advice regarding drug testing and ways to speak with his brother regarding the drug use.

Theft of jewelry from vehicle reported

A 20-year-old Otsego man called police on July 24 when he realized his aunt’s vehicle had been broken into and jewelry was stolen.

The complainant told police he located a small black duffel bag underneath a tree on the north side of the house while he was doing yard work. When he contacted his aunt by phone, she reported the duffel bag had been locked inside of her vehicle in the driveway in the 19000 block of Baldwin Street when she left town on July 8.

The victim reported there was a black “Roll” missing from inside of the duffel bag that contained numerous pieces of gold jewelry. The vehicle was locked at the time of the police’s contact with the complainant, and there was no damage to the vehicle.

Burnt-out headlight leads to drug arrest

Elk River Police stopped a 19-year-old Elk River man on July 23 for an equipment violation and found he had marijuana in his vehicle.

The officer, who stopped the vehicle traveling on Zane Street near Main Street for having a headlight out, reported smelling pot and a search revealed a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Alleged child abuse reported to police 

A 35-year-old Zimmerman woman called police on July 22 after witnessing an alleged case of child abuse in the 19100 block of Freeport Avenue.

She reported at about 2 p.m. seeing a male “slam” down a child car seat several times with a child in the seat at the time of the incident.

Kluntz said police are investigating the matter.

The complainant had also contacted Mille Lacs County Social Services, since the family lived there.