Waste of time on non-issue with garage sale signs

It is ridiculous that the City Council has expended so much time and attention on the issue of garage sale signs. Could that energy be spent on real issues like fixing pot holes or improving parks? It is acknowledged that even though the signs are sometimes in the right of way that it has not been a real issue for the utility companies so that is not really a problem in need of solving.

The other issue is apparently one of beautification. To me, garage sales are beautiful! They make me happy because they’re a sign of summer. Who doesn’t love that? They save people money which is especially important in the ecomnomic times that we currently find ourselves.

They encourage re-use rather than buying new. Our government should be encouraging re-use rather than getting in it’s way.

As long as they are not in anyone’s way, not causing any damage, and the poster removes the signs as soon as their sale is over, I see no problem with the signs except when I am following them, hit a T road and there is not another sign telling me to turn left or right. Now that is a problem!

I encourage the City Council to change the ordinance to allow the posting of garage sale signs and then get on with the more important issues. — Cindy Rohde, Zimmerman