Otsego brothers enlisted together, but only one fought at Gettysburg

by Jonathan Young

ECM Sun Newspapers

Two Otsego brothers, Ransom A. Bartlett and George W. Bartlett, fought side by side in Company D of the 1st Minnesota.

Ransom Bartlett was 24 when the war broke out and had already settled into a job as a carpenter in the Otsego Township. Originally from Canada, Ransom Bartlett’s father, mother and siblings would join him in Otsego by 1860, according to Census records.

Both Ransom and George Bartlett enlisted in April 1861. They were both placed in Company D, although Ransom Bartlett was later transferred to Company G. However, while Ransom Bartlett was discharged with a disability in October 1862, George Bartlett would remain with Company D until it was mustered out in May 1864.

George Bartlett took a wound to his thigh during the 1st Minnesota’s charge at Gettysburg and ruptured his groin at Culpepper Court House, a wound that caused problems for the rest of his life.

After the war, George Bartlett would stay in Wright County until 1878 and raised a family on the farm. In 1878, he staked a claim to a plot of land in what came to be Milbank, S.D. He died in Milbank May 22, 1887. He is buried in Milbank.

Ransom Bartlett moved to Oregon in 1880 to run a farm with his wife and two kids.

He passed away May 16, 1916, and was buried in Eugene Pioneer Cemetery in Eugene, Ore.

Facts taken from 1stMinnesota.net by historian and author Wayne Jorgenson of Eden Prairie.