What’s the point of removing garage sale signs?

This is a response to Gwen Smith’s letter about garage sale signs. What are the city’s rules, laws, guidelines? I mean are there any? And why are they all of a sudden being enforced? It seems to be only enforced in certain areas and on certain days. What’s the point in taking them down, throwing them in a pile and telling people you can go and get them from the pile if you want them back? So we go and get them and put them right back up and then they stay there until the sales are over or the city drives by and the takes them down again. It just seems to be a cycle that doesn’t make sense.

Two weeks ago we had a sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I made signs with the breast cancer ribbon on it them, which I worked very hard at doing, and put them up the morning of our sale. I put the signs up in the ditch down away from the road, not blocking any view, sign, roadway, walk way, railroad tracks or anything else that would cause a conflict with drivers. In fact, I put the signs up right next to two other signs in two locations.

Later that day a lady stopped at my sale and said she just saw a city truck taking down our signs. Sure enough our signs were gone, but only our signs. The other two signs were still in the same area. I then went to the city and they said they were in the pile if I wanted them back. Again I don’t see the logic in any of this. Now, I can see if they need to mow and the signs are in the way, but I don’t recall seeing the city mow on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

We, as garage sale people, should be responsible enough to take down our signs when the sale is over and I would hope that we do. The same goes for graduations, birthday parties, wedding party signs etc., so I guess here is my point. Either the city just leaves the signs be, let us do what we have doing for years and years, having our garage sales, birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties for which we have prepared for weeks to get accomplished. Allow us to raise money, join up with friends and family for a good time. Or spend a lot of taxpayers’ money having someone drive around picking up random signs just to put them in a pile or place for us to go and pick up and put back right where they were. I really don’t see any logic in this topic to begin with. People have been having sales and parties for decades. Signs are placed in the city ditch for everything. Look you’ll see. To spend money on taking them down … well, I can tell you one thing, that is one war the city will never win. Think about it. The city would go broke if they tried to remove every sign. — Jason Volkers, Elk River