Police report: man rescued from river, 16 buses vandalized

by Jim Boyle


Fisherman rescues man struggling in river

A late-night fishing trip for an Elk River couple to celebrate a birthday turned into a life-saving rescue mission. 

Lloyd Anderson is believed to have fallen in the Mississippi River following a concert June 27 in the Rivers Edge Commons Park in downtown Elk River, possibly along the banks of the river behind the Sunshine Depot.

As he floated downstream, Robert and Mary Kidd were preparing to fish for catfish along the banks of river.

Earlier, they had planned to go to Canterbury Park for Mary’s 45th birthday celebration. But Robert Kidd, 42, a painter by trade who once helped paint the Elk River water tower along Highway 169, had to work late. The couple canceled plans to celebrate at the Shakopee horse track.

“My husband and I had just arrived (to fish) when I heard someone coughing and struggling in the river,” Mary Kidd stated in an email to the Star News. “It was dark, so I shined a flashlight into the river, and that is when I saw a man for a moment and then he went under the water.”

He was about 40 feet out from shore in the fast-moving current, Robert Kidd estimated, so he jumped in and swam toward where he thought the man would be. Suddenly, the man re-surfaced close enough to him that he was able to grab hold of him and pull him to shore.

Robert Kidd, who has lived in Elk River for about 10 years, told Anderson upon grabbing him, “I got you now,” he told Star News.

He knew from a recent kayak trip that there was a rock-formed shelf on the bank that is now under water due to the high water levels. He held onto Anderson there while awaiting help.

“My husband was too exhausted to get him up the bank, so he just held him above the water while I called 911,” she said. “All the man was able to tell us was his name was Lloyd and something about his dog.”

Elk River Police were at a fatal motorcycle accident along Proctor Avenue, so the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department responded.

Anderson was fully clothed and had on tennis shoes.

“He seemed to be in shock,” Mary Kidd stated. “He would have surely drowned had we not showed up when we did.”

By the time an ambulance arrived, Anderson was still having difficulty breathing and was transported to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids by Elk River Ambulance for an evaluation. He’s not a patient there now, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Attempts by the Star News to reach him have been unsuccessful.

Robert said the rescue was merely a case of good timing, and he did what “anyone would do.”

As a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades that paints water towers and bridges,  however, Robert Kidd is trained in CPR and working in and around rivers. He also played water polo growing up.

“I feel fortunate,” he said of being there. “I know I’ll never catch a fish that big again.”

Fries, burger, hold the obnoxious behavior

Elk River Police were called to the McDonald’s restaurant in Walmart at 3:14 a.m. July 1 on a report of suspicious activity. The complainant advised that three people were just inside the store and one of them was being loud and was riding around on an electric scooter.

Upon arrival, an officer met with the complainant and the suspects. All but one were intoxicated. They stated they came to McDonald’s to get some food. One admitted to being loud and riding the scooter.

The complainant wanted them warned and advised not to return. Police advised three men and one woman in their mid 20s from Coon Rapids to leave and not come back.

Man with wheelbarrow carries suspicion

A man walking away from a wheelbarrow at 2:46 a.m. July 1 on 181st Avenue caught the attention of an Elk River officer.

When the 45-year-old Elk River man was questioned about it, he initially denied any knowledge of a wheelbarrow.

After more questioning, the man stated he had removed it from the roadway so nobody would run it over. The officer advised the male his statements were suspicious and asked if he had taken the wheelbarrow from a business in the area, Kluntz said. The male again stated he had only removed it from the roadway and had been walking from Walmart.

The male was sent on his way, and the officer transported the wheelbarrow to the police department as found/recovered property.

Police investigate Parker scavengers

Elk River Police are investigating why three adults were at Parker Elementary School, including two who were rummaging through construction debris.

The third person involved was a 38-year-old Wyoming, Minn., woman who was arrested on a Harris County, Texas, felony warrant for aggravated assault. Her warrant was confirmed with full extradition. She was arrested without incident and transported to Sherburne County Jail.

An officer in a marked squad observed two male individuals taking items from a dumpster along School Street at about 9:30 p.m. June 30 at Parker Elementary School, which is being remodeled.

Officers made contact with males who stated they had permission to take some building scrap materials but did not have a contact number or documentation for them to be on the premises, Kluntz said.

The Wyoming, Minn. woman was seated in a truck. She stated she was the driver of the vehicle.

Charges of  trespassing and theft are pending further investigation.

911 hang up call results in arrests

Elk River Police were called at 1:29 a.m. July 1 to the 21000 block of Fresno Street on a 911 hang up call. Dispatch stated they could hear a male party that sounded out of breath.

During their investigation, police learned of an assault that had occurred.  A 23-year-old Big Lake man claimed to have been assaulted by several males while at the residence.

Police cited an 18-year-old Elk River woman for underage consumption and two adults, a 50-year-old woman and a 49-year-old man from Elk River, for violating the social host ordinance.

Additional information led officers to an address where they discovered the male victim, the complainant, had been assaulted by unknown parties. Victim was later transported to Mercy Hospital for treatment.