Band: Sharp and precise

I’ve meant to write this letter since June 8 when the parents, etc. got a preview of their (the marching band’s) performance in Rogers.

I knew when I saw and heard them perform that night just how good they were. They are so precise and sharp looking in their all-black uniforms and having the rifles and flag bearers with them, who also do a wonderful job and work so hard to be as good as they are. One of my granddaughters is a flag bearer (Carlie Bauermeister) and she loves it.

It’s wonderful to have a marching band again and be so proud of them for how good they are.

It was shameful when your own hometown had no band a few years ago. I would not like to see that happen again. All musical programs are important for the talented kids we have and their great instructors.

Go see them in a parade somewhere. You won’t regret it!—Ann Goth, Elk River