ArtsSoup good for artists and non-artists

Whether you can create good art or not, ArtSoup is for you.

For someone like Sue Seeger featured on page 1 of this edition, I’m sure it inspires her to new achieve new heights. If you’re more like me and are relegated to drawing stickmen it’s still fun to see what others can create.

As for what our children can create you never know until you let them see and try for themselves. One of my son’s least favorite classes last year was art. This year, it was one of his favorites. And judging by his work he has a God-given talent to draw that I could only dream about.

If you’re around town on Saturday, June 15 check out ArtSoup and see what the truly creative have come up with. You or someone else in your family may be inspired.

Elk River is blessed to have a vibrant arts community bringing so much opportunity to its residents — skilled and unskilled. Thanks to the efforts of the Elk River Arts Alliance we are getting exposed to much more than we ever used to. I think it’s a slice of life that one shouldn’t miss, especially when it’s right in downtown Elk River for the taking.  — Jim Boyle, editor